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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:57 PM
Chapter 1691
Chapter 1691: Engagement Date (6)

How could she be so unreserved?!

He was merely teasing her for a bit, but she actually…

Yun Shishi’s face reddened slightly in embarrassment as she bit the lower flap of her lip and shyly asked, “My husband, are you done eating yet?”

The man smiled in satisfaction . He loved seeing her looking shy, especially when she was nestled in his arms . That timid look was as beautiful as a blooming flower .

He leaned close to her ear and enunciated, “I’m done eating . ”

The warm breath coming from his mouth tickled her ear as his lips brushed against it .

She pushed him away and, after struggling for a bit, managed to squirm free from his embrace . She shot him a death glare before she picked up the empty bowl and headed to the kitchen .

Mu Yazhe got up and trailed after her .

The kitchen was illuminated by warm-colored lights .

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She placed the bowl into the water-filled sink and began washing all the dirty dishes .

He approached her from behind and lightly hugged her waist while his chin rested on her shoulder as he quietly watched her do the dishes .

The sound of warm water flowing filled his ears .

He opened his eyes slightly, finally feeling slightly at ease after being tense for the entire day .

“Hey… Can you stop leaning against me?” she blandly requested .

“What’s wrong?”

“You’re heavy . ”

After a pause, she grumbled, “My dear husband, are you too skinny? Your protruding chin is hurting me . ”

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Deliberately setting himself against her, he pressed his chin a little harder into her shoulder, such that the woman sucked in a mouthful of cold air .

She finally understood the saying ‘a sharp chin can poke people to death’ . It was no joke at all .

The man did not have an oval-shaped face; rather, it was angular in shape . When his slim, chiseled jaws rested on her shoulder, that spot suddenly hurt a little .

“Go wash up first! I’ll finish doing the dishes . ”

“Alright . ”

With that, he headed for the bathroom .

Once she was done washing the dishes, she went back to their bedroom and delivered his pajamas to him before returning to the bedroom .

The man entered the room about half an hour later . He was dressed in a bathrobe .

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“Come over, hubby!”

The woman in bed beckoned him, and once he got closer, she stretched out her arms like a lazy cat and hooked them around his shoulders .

Her soft, petite body slumped against him when he sat on the bed . Her fair wrists buckled around his shoulders while her tender, little face rested on his shoulder .

She held onto him like that without saying a word .

Hugging him felt extremely reassuring and peaceful in this quiet time .

Contentment filled her heart, and as such, she could not resist rubbing her face against his shoulder over and over again like a kitten .

Her black, silky hair currently lay scattered on his shoulders, feeling so smooth like a good-quality brocade and looking incredibly beautiful .

As he immersed in this beautiful moment, even his heartbeat quieted down .

Her adorable and charming side was a delightful sight to him!

Just the sight of this woman made him think that he should treat and love her better, never letting her suffer even a bit of grievances!

He wanted to give her the best of everything in this world!

He even wanted to pluck the stars from the sky and present them to her .

Marrying this woman was the best decision he had ever made in his life .

“My wife, have you given any thought to our wedding?”