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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:59 PM
Chapter 1690
Chapter 1690: Engagement Date (5)

The woman somewhat went into a trance from watching him .

She liked to look at him this way .

He looked so dashing when he smiled, and when his head dipped, he appeared gentle yet suave . She let out an adoring sigh in her heart at that moment!

This is my man, my husband, and my life partner!

When she thought of that, the woman recalled her father’s words .

The latter had urged her to ask her man about their wedding date .

Her forehead creased as she wondered how to broach the topic with him . The words in her mouth got swallowed back down again .

Somehow, she felt that she would appear unreserved if she asked him about it!

In the time she let her mind wander, the man had already quietly yet elegantly polished off half a bowl of the noodles . Even in the comforts of his home, he did not make a single slurping sound when he ate . His eating manners were exactly as that of an aristocrat!

The woman was totally unaware of it, though .

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Upon seeing that he had eaten so much, she impatiently asked, “How is it? Is my cooking okay?”

He blandly answered, “No comments . ”


Did it taste awful?

He shot her a glance before reluctantly giving a review of the noodles . “It tastes all right . ”

All right…


Not bad…

These three terms were the most typical, perfunctory words .

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Like a deflated balloon, she slumped in defeat . The woman felt that she had a long way to go to become a virtuous wife .

“What’s wrong?”

He smiled upon seeing her disappointed look . “I thought you’ve accepted the fact that you possess no talent for cooking . ”

“…Do you know that your words are very hurtful?”

He solemnly nodded in agreement . “Well, the truth usually hurts . ”

She fumed . “Don’t force yourself to eat such awful food then!”

As she spoke, she reached out for the bowl .

He grabbed hold of her outreached hand at once . “What are you doing?”

She retorted, “Didn’t you say that my cooking is terrible? Well, don’t force yourself . Since it tastes awful, stop eating it!”

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He said, “Stupid woman, you know nothing but twist other people’s words!”

The woman snapped back, “What are you insinuating?”

“I didn’t say that your cooking is terrible; I only said that it’s passable . ”

After all, her average cooking skills ultimately failed to capture his taste buds when compared to their son’s extraordinary cooking .

“Hmph! I apologize for my lack of talent in cooking . Now, give me that bowl!”

As she spoke, she pretended to snatch the bowl of noodles from him .

He refused to let go of the bowl, though . Amid their tugging, he pulled her right into his embrace .

The surprised woman fell right into his arms and glanced up at him, only to look right into his deep, dark eyes .

His head dipped as his gentle gaze focused on her face with a smile full of indulgence .

“My wife…”

He gently called her with his mellow and slightly husky voice, which seemed to contain wine that had been aged for half a year . She could not help but be captivated by his magnetic voice when she heard it .

Her heartbeat instantly halted .

Even though there was no trace of it, she could sense tenderness in his voice!

It was something unprecedented .

Furthermore, those intimate words of his added hints of indulgence to it .

Her act of stiffening in surprise slightly displeased the man, though .

“What? You don’t like this form of address?”


Even she felt annoyed about her hasty answer when she saw the teasing look in his eyes .