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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:24:01 PM
Chapter 1689
Chapter 1689: Engagement Date (4)

Mu Yazhe was stunned for a moment before looking in the direction of the voice as he turned on the living room lights .

With a flick of a switch, the lights flooded the living room .

As she had been sitting in the dark for a long time, she was unable to get used to the sudden bright lights . She shielded her eyes as the piercing lights cleared her fuzzy mind . She hastily shuffled her slippers as she got up, saying uneasily, “You… You’re home! I’ve been waiting for you for so long!”

The man glanced at her .

The woman had already showered and was now dressed in her thick pajamas . Her hair lay on her shoulders . He could almost smell the fresh fragrance coming from her just by looking .

However, when he noted the exhaustion on her face, he became a little angry .

“Didn’t I ask you to sleep first?! I told you that I was gonna be home very late tonight!”

Yun Shishi was taken aback .

She had not expected herself to receive such an angry castigation from him after awaiting his return for so long . Momentarily lost, she stood rooted to the spot uncomfortably, afraid that a move from her could further agitate him .

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“What… What’s wrong?”

He was giving off… an irritable aura .

Seeing how scared she looked, the man hurriedly retracted his icy-cold expression and replaced it with a calm gaze . “I didn’t mean to be fierce with you; I’m just… a little tired . Seeing you awaiting my return for so long made me somewhat angry!” he explained .

He then sat down at the dining table, looking exhausted and his expression rather poor .

“I’m sorry for worrying you . ”

The woman paused for a moment, only to see him furrowing his brows . She began to panic after noting how pale his face was and how tightly knitted his brows were .

“What’s wrong?”

She walked toward him . “You appear to be feeling unwell . ”

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He did not try to keep a strong façade . “My stomach… hurts a little . ”

Their meeting at four had gone all the way until ten . Due to the conflicting views they had for one of the cases, the meeting reached a standstill . Even until the end of it, they could not reach a concord perfectly .

He had not eaten or drunk anything for six whole hours .

His body began to feel uncomfortable as the meeting ended . Therefore, he did not stay around in the company much and headed home straightaway .

The moment she heard that his stomach was feeling unwell, she asked worriedly, “Did you not have dinner?”

“Yeah . ”

He only had a small bite during lunch .

His schedule these two days was extremely packed to the point that he could not even consider the thought of having dinner .

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When she heard this, she quickly said, “Wait for a bit; I’ll cook some noodles for you . ”

He raised his head, ready to reject, but she had already hurried off into the kitchen . She turned on the lights, lit the fire, and began to get busy .

He took a few deep breaths and then a gentle smile graced his lips .

Although her stubbornness in staying up to wait for him left him feeling slightly upset, honestly, the sight of someone quietly awaiting his return in the middle of the night, even leaving a light on for him, made him feel comforted and happy .

It felt like the warmth from a family!


He had not used that term for a long time, yet she was able to make him genuinely feel this way .


That was probably the main purpose of marriage!

Being able to live with the woman he loved for the rest of his life was his greatest happiness .

Nothing else mattered!

Fifteen minutes later, Yun Shishi brought out a bowl of noodles and served it in front of him . She sat opposite him and rested her chin on her hands as she smiled . “Eat! Have a taste of my skills . Youyou said that I’ve improved!”

The corners of Mu Yazhe’s lips curved up, a smile reflected in his eyes . He elegantly picked up the chopsticks .