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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:24:02 PM
Chapter 1688
Chapter 1688: Engagement Date (3)

It was already eight at night . Worried, she gave him another call .

She hesitated in making this call for a long period . What if she disturbed him when he was busy?

However, she really wanted to know if he was still working, so she picked up the courage to make the call in the end .

The man picked up the phone .

It had become a habit of his never to miss any of her calls as long as his cellphone was next to him . No matter what he was doing, he would pick up her calls in time without fail .

On the other end of the line, Mu Yazhe’s hoarse voice was laced with exhaustion . From the sound of it, he seemed to still be in the middle of a meeting .

Still in a meeting?

A meeting from five till eight…

Yun Shishi let out a sigh .

The man told her . “I should be up till late; don’t stay up to wait for me . ”

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“Come back early!”

After she was done, she hung up the call . The woman sat there on the couch and did not feel like retiring to her room despite being sleepy .

She especially wanted to wait for him until he arrived home today .

However, this call made her realize what it meant to put herself in his shoes .

The progress of a person’s maturity was when they were finally able to change their perspective .

Now, as she waited for his return in their desolate-looking home, she realized that this was such an uneasy situation .

Learning that he would be back so late, she truly missed him and was worried about him .

At the same time…

When she was with the production team in that half a month, with infrequent phone calls to him, was this how much he missed her, too?!

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Therefore, on the night that he proposed, he held her so tightly on their way to the hotel . It was as if he had gathered all his longing in that half a month in his arms .

He could not bear to let go .

As he carried her into the room and entered her impatiently, he yearned for more .

Perhaps he missed her so much, and this was why he had been so wild that entire night .

As she thought about this, she realized she had gone a little overboard .

No matter how busy she was with work, she should not use that as an excuse to neglect her family .

That was probably why he had requested her not to work anymore and to stay home, instead, for him to take care of!

She did not understand what he meant then .

The longer she thought about it, the guiltier she felt . She hugged her knees and hid her face in the crook of her arm . She felt so bad that she wanted to cry!

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Gazing outside the window, she realized that it was already late into the night .

However, the longer she waited, the less she wanted to sleep .

Every minute and second of waiting felt like an eternity . It was as if the clock had slowed down . Even when it felt like a century had passed, it had only been fifteen minutes .

She blamed her exaggeration!

She had clearly just seen him this afternoon . Clearly, it had not even been half a day yet, but she was already missing him so much .

Did he also go through so much suffering while waiting for her to return home when she was with the production team?

An image unconsciously appeared in Yun Shishi’s mind…

In the meeting room, Mu Yazhe sat in the main chair . His face was exhausted, but he maintained his straight posture as he paid attention to the reports .

She felt tired just thinking about it .

Even though the man was not doing much, his body still could not take sitting in a chair for four hours straight .

She continued to fret as she waited anxiously for him .

When it was 10:30 PM at night, she finally heard the honk of a car from outside the door .

This was followed closely by the sound of a car pulling into the garage .

After a few minutes, the man opened the door, causing the light from the porch to seep in .

He tossed the keys onto the cabinet before taking off his coat and hanging it on the clothes rack . The noise of his actions woke up the woman, who was taking a nap .

“You’re back?”

A misty voice was heard in the dark .