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Chapter 1684
Chapter 1684: They got married?

Qin Zhou’s eyes bulged in shock as he stared incredulously at the other man .


According to this boss, my artist is now his lawful wife…

Have they gotten married already?

Why did I not know about this matter?!

When did it happen?

Why did Shishi not inform me?!

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While he got lost in his thoughts, Mu Yazhe spoke again . “Of course, I’m not just referring to Gu Xingze alone . ”

The latter paused for a bit before suddenly continuing in a deep voice . “I heard that an artist with an extraordinary background in the production team seems to be showing interest in my wife!”

“Who is it?!” asked the manager at once . After pondering on it for a moment, he voiced a guess in alarm, “Sir, are you referring to Hua Jin? Don’t worry about this; I’ve warned Shishi to stay away from him! He likely won’t seek trouble with her himself!”

“Ha ha!” The man’s forehead creased . “I heard that he’s a troublemaker . I don’t care about this, but if he provokes someone he shouldn’t…”

He would not sit back and ignore the situation!

The ace manager was somewhat surprised to hear this .

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He carefully observed the man in tacit understanding .

He did his homework on that male artist, and from the information he gathered from his connections, he got a rough understanding of him .

It was said that that idol made his debut in showbiz under the stage name ‘Hua Jin’ at the age of 16 and made his presence known in the industry with his outstanding looks in just a short time .

However, at the beginning of his career, the newbie did not have many good resources . He only got supporting roles at most and rarely had the chance to act as the lead roles .

Still, due to his natural looks and decent acting, he soon attracted many fans who were captivated by his looks .

Not until he clinched the role of a drama’s main lead did his career really take off following that drama’s release . It was a little similar to how the superstar, Gu Xingze, shot to fame, practically overnight, eleven years ago!

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Rumors had it, though, that he clinched the main lead role with the help of someone, and this was the person who got him into the capital’s entertainment industry .

Showbiz was split into four factions, namely the Beijing circle, the Hong Kong circle, the Shanghai circle, and the Northeast China circle .

Of these four, the Beijing circle comprised graduates from Beijing People’s Art Theater, Beijing Film Academy, and the Beijing circle; the last referred to the capital’s film and television circle .

Those who could make it into the Beijing circle and leave an impression behind all had a backer supporting them . Without these backers, it was impossible for them to cross the threshold .

Qin Zhou knew the identity of Hua Jin’s backer despite it being a mystery to others .

The actor, who was a notorious playboy in the industry with his long string of flirtatious affairs, always had female co-stars dangling in his arms .

All his female co-leads wound up having some sort of scandals with him .

No one could resist his charms when he took the initiative with them .

Born with a temptress’ face and the typical ancient male beauty’s appearance, most women would fall for his beautiful looks and gentlemanly act . Not one of those female celebs who hooked up with him escaped the fate of being banned and disappearing from the industry at the end of filming .

Many of those actresses came from pretty impressive backgrounds, but they were all still banned from the industry .

It was conceivable how influential that mysterious backer of his was in the capital .

Hence, because of this reason, no one, Gu Xiaoyang included, dared to offend him .

According to the spies Mu Yazhe placed in the production team, that actor was recently frequently harassing his woman .