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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:24:15 PM
Chapter 1685
Chapter 1685: When did they get engaged?

Unlike the other starlets, Yun Shishi would try her best to avoid him .

Still, he was upset over this .

It looked like he ultimately still had to worry about this woman!

“She can continue working with that production team, but from now on, you are in charge of sending her home after filming; understand?” Mu Yazhe ordered the manager .

He was worried to leave his woman in that production team without protection .

Qin Zhou hesitated a little but ultimately conceded . “I understand; I’ll act according to your orders . ”

“You are responsible for my woman’s career, so pay more attention to it . If she gets hurt again, I’ll hold you responsible!”

He nodded fervently .

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“Rest assured, sir! I was negligent previously; from now on, I’ll take good care of her!”

“She loves acting and really cherishes this job . ” The man paused for a bit and then continued . “She wants to work behind the scenes in the future, so you’d better pave the way for her in that aspect! Once the time is ripe, I’ll set up a filming company . It doesn’t seem like a bad idea to have you be in charge of it!”

Other aspects aside, the man thought highly of this agent’s abilities .

Once his woman set up a film company and started working behind the scenes, then this ace manager would be the first one he would recruit .

Feeling flattered, the other smilingly said in gratitude, “It’s an honor that you think so highly of me! I won’t let you down . ”

Once Yun Shishi got home in her car, she set out again without even taking a break . This time, it was to bring her uncle to a hospital for traditional Chinese medicine; she had made an appointment with a specialist there under her father’s request .

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Back when Yun Yehou was first diagnosed with paraplegia, he did not seek treatment for his condition and simply went home to recuperate .

After examining his condition, the TCM specialist lamented that if the patient had timely undergone surgery and actively taken part in rehabilitation at a hospital at that time, he would have had a high chance of being able to stand on his two feet again .

Alas, since his leg muscles had atrophied after being bed-ridden for so many years, he had lost all chances of being able to walk by himself!

Yun Yecheng’s heart wrenched in pain when he heard that .

He felt even more ashamed and guilty toward his younger brother .

If it were not for him…

If his company did not go bankrupt, which resulted in him incurring massive debts, his brother would not have to help him avert the crisis by giving up all his savings to him and would not end up tied to a wheelchair for life!

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According to the doctor, such surgeries were not very difficult to perform, and the treatment only required thirty thousand yuan at most in the county hospital .

However, just after he got hurt, the foreman happened to run away with all the workers’ money . Not only did he not receive a cent of compensation, he also got no justice for his work injury .

Having secretly given away all his savings to his older brother and thinking that there was no cure for his legs, he, thus, only underwent a simple treatment and went back home just like that .

Besides his legs, his older brother made him do other checkups, which the results for would only be out the next day .

After they left the hospital in the car, the older of the two men inconspicuously wiped off tears from his eyes .

While controlling the steering wheel, Yun Shishi looked into the rearview mirror and, upon seeing her father’s glum look, smilingly said, “Dad, don’t be sad! Things will get better . ”

“It’s all my fault…” Her father sighed . “It’s all because of me that his legs are like this now . ”

“Don’t say that, brother! I’m already happy to see you and Shishi living well!” A simple yet gratified smile hung on Yun Yehou’s face .

All sorts of feelings welled up in her heart when she heard that .

Back home, she brought them out again under the two’s repeated requests to look for a house .

She insisted on keeping them at first .