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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:24:27 PM
Chapter 1683
Chapter 1683: He will protect his own woman!

“Chairman Mu, with all due respect, Shishi has a lot of potential and talent in acting, so I have a lot of expectations for her! I hope that she can clinch the two awards for the title of the youngest and best actress, making a history in showbiz! Now that her career is on the rise, it’s also the busiest period . There’re tons of upcoming projects for her, and I’m trying my best to make arrangements . ”

Mu Yazhe did not agree with him, though . “She likes acting, so let her act, but it’s not proper for her to neglect us for the sake of filming . ”

He stood up, walked over to Qin Zhou, and gave him a condescending look .

“From now on, regardless of the resources or roles she wants, you just need to report all to me! I’ll make the necessary arrangements . ”

The manager was surprised .

The boss’s meaning was clear; he wanted to use his resources to support his woman!

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With the chairman paving the road for her, her artist would surely receive quite the attractive resources!

However, he did not expect the man to pause and change the topic . “Don’t engage in those meaningless promotions, though! I don’t want her appearing in public more than necessary!”


Some were necessary events to promote her films!

How could she not attend them?!

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The man squinted, his eyes taking on a dangerous gleam . “You should know what I mean! I don’t like my woman being coveted by other people . I’ve never liked this industry from the start; I don’t want her to come into contact with those foul things . ”

He wanted to protect that pure nature of hers which he was so fond of .

“I believe in your abilities, and that’s why I’m assured to leave her in your hands, but from the current situation, there’s something I must remind you!”

His words paused, and his eyes took on an icy gleam, which landed sharply and coldly on the agent’s face like an ice pick!

“Some men aren’t allowed to get close to her at all! I don’t like my woman being coveted—not even a glance—by other men! Do you understand?”

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Startled by his warning, the star manager looked up in shock .


“You’re a smart man, so you should know what I mean!”

The man’s eyes narrowed slightly . “Gu Xingze used to be your charge, so I won’t pursue the past matters on your account, but I want to make it clear to you today: Shishi is my lawful wife . No one is allowed to hold any thoughts regarding her! If such things happen again, I won’t leave you any face! Don’t think that because he has the Gu family behind him, he can act fearlessly and dream of going against me . He’s no match for me . ”

He did not wish to waste even a bit of time on the superstar, but if the latter did not know how to back down and insisted on attempting the impossible, he did not mind letting him know the cost of holding fond thoughts regarding his woman!

He was a sentimental person, especially so when it came to his woman .

Their marriage was a hard-earned one, so he treasured her even more . Also, as someone with a sense of responsibility, he could not bear to let her suffer from any grievances and would remain faithful to her .

He also hoped that she cherished their marriage and feelings for each other .

He did not want their relationship to be wrecked and meddled in by anyone!

He had a serious case of obsessive-compulsive disorder, be it physically or emotionally .

His woman would be protected by him . No one else was allowed to intervene in her affairs, much less hold thoughts about her .