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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:24:41 PM
Chapter 1679
Chapter 1679: Parasites

The more complaints she had, the more agitated she got . She was clearly fighting for justice on behalf of her actress .

In what way are they deserving?

Acting is tough, and we’re talking about her hard-earned money . Why must she squander it away on your rental for no good reason?

The assistant knew that the mother-daughter trio was poor; still, was that a good reason for their demanding behavior?

They were the ones who insisted on venturing to the capital, and this was despite them knowing how expensive the cost of living here was .

On top of that, they were shamelessly picky with the location, as well as the size, of their dwelling and ungrateful to their relative’s goodwill .

The worst was when they wanted her to pay a year’s rent in advance .

How shameless can they go?!

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They’re obviously parasites out to suck my artist dry!

What will they request next time when they don’t even make an effort to hide their greediness right from the start?!

The further she thought, the angrier she got . If she were her charge, she would tell these people to get lost .

The actress frowned in discomfort and then gave a smile . “If I don’t agree to pay, the situation will turn worse . It’s not a big matter if it can be settled in a few thousand yuan, but I must apologize for involving you in such a troublesome affair…”

“Shishi! Do you… you understand what I’m driving at?!” The young assistant looked at her furiously .

She gave a slight grin . “Don’t worry! It’s just this one time . In any case, I’ve paid my dues by shouldering their rent for a year . I’ll reduce my contact with them to the barest minimum from here on!”

The young lady was finally appeased and nodded in approval .

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After paying the rent and signing the contract, this issue was finally concluded .

However, just when the actress wanted to leave with her assistant, the middle-aged woman called out to her . “Niece, are you leaving so soon?”

Mu Xi narrowed her eyes unconsciously .  What is this bad woman scheming next?

The actress only replied, “I have other matters to attend, so I must leave now . ”

“Is this apartment only for us three?” Her aunt seemed to recall something . “How about your uncle and dad? Where are they staying?”

Smiling, she replied, “My dad is staying with me . Uncle is staying with us, too, so it’s easier for my dad to take care of him!”

“Oh, is your house big enough? Can it accommodate so many people?” Her aunt took this opportunity to suss out her background .

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Knowing full well what the middle-aged woman’s aim was, the actress deliberately kept her answer vague . “The place is just nice for us . ”

Her aunt suddenly went forward, touched her elbow, and asked conspiratorially, “Oh, yes… I’m not trying to be nosy here, but regarding that man who came with you yesterday, how’s his family background?”

“It’s okay,” she replied with a small smile .

“How okay is ‘okay’?” The woman could no longer contain her curiosity and started grilling her . “Are his parents still alive?”

Yun Shishi: “…”

“Does he own any property?”

“I saw him driving a Mercedes-Benz yesterday . According to your older cousin, that is an expensive car, so he should come from a well-to-do family, right?”

“…Eh . ”

“What kind of work does he have? How much is his annual net income? Does it hit at least a million yuan?”

Just as she was fussing over how to handle the woman’s questions, the latter continued her relentless probing . “How long have you been with him? When do you guys plan to register your marriage? Do you know him that well? Have you fully decided to marry him?”