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Chapter 1680
Chapter 1680: Pouring out Her Woes

The middle-aged woman added further . “From what your aunt can see, that man is too good-looking to stay faithful . The more handsome a man is, the easier it is for him to get into an extrmarital affair . You’d better be careful! Handsome men can’t be trusted! Women mustn’t forget that!”

She frowned at her aunt’s words .

Honestly speaking, her aunt’s words sounded like the kind of advice a mother would say . Even though the message was harsh, it came from a place of care and concern for her .

Her words were true as well .

Alas, it was appropriate when spoken by someone of her position and, in fact, appeared like instigation between the couple!

She pursed her lips and did not want to involve herself in further conversation with the woman . “I’ll let nature take its course . Besides, he’s good to me, and I love him . We plan to build a future together!”

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Her aunt gave her a funny look before issuing a warning . “Shishi, you must open your eyes wide when you try to find a man! Look at me; I’m quite regretful now!”


“Yes . Look at your uncle; he’s so useless! I’m suffering for a good part of my life by marrying him! Take a look at me; I’ve spent my life in hard and honest labor! I bore children for your uncle when I was young . In the day, I toiled the fields, and at night, I looked after the young and old in the family . ”

Pausing, she continued to pour out her woes . “Shishi, you should know, right? Your father ventured to the capital when he was young and finally achieved some results in middle age, but he hardly took care of his family back in his hometown! Your aunt here looked after your grandmother most times! Your uncle hardly bothered as well! He did earn some money at the construction site when he was young, but even after that accident at his workplace rendered him paralyzed for good, he did not get any compensation at all! In the end, he was so big-hearted that he took the savings meant to send your cousin to college and passed it to your family…”

She sighed upon saying that .

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“Qinli couldn’t go to college and… had to work in the factory with her sister . The pay was miserable! Now that we’ve finally made it to the capital, you, as the older one here, should at least take care of us!”

She narrated that whole story to her niece for two simple reasons!

One, her niece’s father did not fulfill his responsibility as the eldest son, and she was the one who took care of the family, instead .

Two, her younger daughter did not manage to get into university because her husband had given their savings to his brother in times of need!

Thus, as her daughter was unable to study in college, Yun Shishi should take care of her younger cousin and find her a stable job in the city .

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This was a big headache for this middle-aged woman’s niece .

She could only tell her aunt, “I’m afraid there’s nothing much I can do to help her with her job search, but aunt, don’t you worry; to each their own . I’m sure she’ll find her career soon with her hard work!”

The younger cousin, who was standing at one side, was rather displeased when she heard that and muttered under her breath, “I would’ve been a university graduate if not for your family! Why is it that you could complete your tertiary education, while I couldn’t?! What’s so difficult about helping me out here?!”

“Qinli!” Her mother glared at her .

Terrified, the girl immediately went quiet .

The middle-aged woman turned her head to look at her niece again before laughing dryly . “Don’t take her words to heart! My daughter is young and ignorant, so please forgive her . ”

Her reply was merely a formality, but the actress was antagonized this time . Faking a smile, she retorted, “I know my younger cousin has spoken in ignorance; that’s why I forgive her and won’t take it to heart!”

The moment she said that, her younger cousin’s face turned aghast in fury .