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Chapter 1678
Chapter 1678: Who will not have extreme relatives?

In the end, the two were very unsatisfied with this apartment .

With no other choice, the assistant made an arrangement for them to view another unit .

Yun Shishi, who remained on the ground floor to get more details about the apartment, was rather surprised to see her assistant looking defeated when the latter appeared with the others in tow .

“Mu Xi, how did the viewing go?” She then turned to look at Xiang Yu . “Aunt, are you happy with the apartment?”

“It’s too small! I think it’s only eighty-eight feet—it’s too cramped!”

Her assistant quickly clarified from the side . “The apartment is at least a hundred feet, but as it’s rather high up, the room appears smaller . ”

She continued to brief the actress . “I’ve just contacted a property owner in Funan district . As the room there is bigger, the cost will be higher, too . ”

“It’s fine . ”

She was eager to get rid of her relatives even if it meant that she had to pay a little more .

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While on the way to the district, her aunt asked suddenly, “Hey, Shishi, aunt here has something to discuss with you!”

“You can speak your mind,” she replied .

“I’ve been wanting to ask since earlier how much your monthly salary is . ” The middle-aged woman wanted to know her niece’s income first before broaching the topic of rent to her .

She smiled resignedly . “Aunt, you can tell me your request directly; I’ll try my best to accommodate . ”

“Oh… It’s like this…”

She, thus, proceeded to tell her what they had in mind .

“We heard from your colleague that the monthly rental here is about four to five thousand yuan . We aren’t that well-off, and being new in the city, we really can’t afford the rent right now! It’s expensive to live here, and we don’t have much money on us . On top of that, the two girls have yet to look for jobs… That’s why I want to ask if you can help us pay a year’s rent while, you know, we wait for your cousins to find a stable source of income . He he…”

She trailed off, but by then, the meaning in her words was apparent .

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The middle-aged woman, of course, wanted her to pay up to a year’s rent in advance .

The actress agreed readily . “Sure . No worries . ”

She got her fee from her first film, ‘The Green Apple’, anyway .

There was nothing to write home about if she compared it to the listers’ talent fees; still, it was a sizable sum .

Lin Fengtian was generous with her, giving her double of what they had agreed on the contract . This was a pleasant surprise to her .

In addition, she had miscellaneous income from advertisements .

Hence, four to five thousand yuan was not a big deal to her!

Her aunt was befuddled by her swift response .

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Why is she so generous?

The former had reckoned earlier that the latter might find some excuse to reject her request .

Once they reached their destination, the assistant took the three to tour the apartment as instructed . Despite the aunt’s continued dissatisfaction, after much persuasion from the young assistant, they decided on the unit .

Mu Xi sighed in relief after fulfilling her duty .

Together, she and the actress helped move and unpack all the luggage of the trio into the apartment .

The assistant liaised with the landlord about signing the lease for a year’s worth of rental .

She felt unjust for the actress .

“Shishi, these few relatives of yours are extreme!”

She then repeated the aunt’s brazen words to her .

The actress simply smiled . “It’s fine . Who doesn’t have a few extreme relatives?”

In any case, she would not be living with them forever .

What to do? I just have to take this as my karma .

Her young assistant could not swallow down this injustice . “You are so easy to bully! I wouldn’t pay for them if I were you! In what way do they deserve it? That’s your hard-earned money . ”