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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:24:52 PM
Chapter 1676
Chapter 1676: Are you filming?

After receiving a call from her charge, Mu Xi quickly contacted a few people who had apartments for lease . Thereafter, she patiently waited for them at the entrance to a neighborhood for quite a while .

Once Yun Shishi parked the car, she got out with a mask covering her face .

Her assistant went forward with a welcoming smile . “Shishi, you haven’t gone to the production team for a few days; I heard that the director had given you a short vacation to rest at home since it was your birthday!”

Yun Qingmiao raised a brow as she caught this piece of information, asking thereafter, “Production team? Director?”

She paused for a moment before turning to her in astonishment . “Cousin, are you filming a show right now?”

“Sort of!” replied the latter ambiguously .

She was a little unhappy with that .

It seemed that her cousin was trying to hide something from them .

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Not giving her a chance to probe further, Yun Shishi prompted, “Let’s have a look at the apartments!”

She then walked to the front and hurriedly pulled her assistant along . “Don’t mention my status to them, okay?”

The other was befuddled . “I should be the one asking you questions . Why did you have me search for an apartment out of nowhere? Plus…” She glanced at the three women standing behind her charge and was even more weirded out . “Who are they?”

Her artist sighed . “Relatives . I have to take care of them and help them settle since they are new here in the capital . ”


Mu Xi furrowed her eyebrows before she said worriedly, “It’s not that I’m driving a wedge between you guys, but I feel that these three aren’t easy to deal with!”

She had been in the industry for many years . She may not be a very excellent judge of character, but she could still tell people’s intentions from the way they talked and behaved!

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For someone in her line of work, learning to observe body language was a basic skill . At the very least, she should have a rough grasp of someone’s personality just by looking once .

These three did not give her a good feeling .

“I didn’t know that they’re your relatives, and that’s why my tongue slipped! In any case, it’s best if you don’t get too close to them next time . Your career in showbiz is currently on the rise, so it’s best to avoid any trouble . ”

“I understand . ”

Her artist told her the rough situation .

She understood . Walking over to Xiang Yu, she smilingly greeted her . “Hi, auntie . I’m your niece’s colleague . I’ll be bringing you around to look at the apartments and have you all settled promptly . ”

The middle-aged woman observed their surroundings . Suddenly, she furrowed her brows in question . “Why is this neighborhood so quiet? This location appears to be rather desolate and not lively at all . ”

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The assistant was speechless for a moment .

“Auntie, it’s like this… It’s daytime now, so people in this area are all out working . ”

“Oh!” The other was still a little uncertain . “Don’t give me an apartment that’s too desolate, or I may feel there’s a hidden danger!”

“Why would there be? It’s not too remote . While it’s a little far from the city center, the traffic routes here are convenient and fast . There’s also public transportation right outside this neighborhood . Not far from here, we have the no . 3 train route, which goes straight to the city center! It’s not very far from the heart of the city at all!”

Actually, she used quite a bit of effort in finding this apartment . The capital’s housing prices had always been atrocious, and the closer it was to the city center, the more expensive it was .

She had, therefore, been meticulous in choosing the right house .

Her artist was more assured with letting her handle such matters, so the other assuredly entrusted her with bringing the rest to see the apartment .

Alas, as they checked out the apartment, the pair of sisters began issuing complaints about it .

For one, it was too high up and they were used to their old house . They said that they felt acrophobic when they stood on the balcony of this apartment, which was on the thirty-fifth floor .