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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:24:55 PM
Chapter 1675

Yun Qingmiao probed from the side . “Cousin, could it be that you were lazing around in bed and couldn’t get up?”

 “I had something on this morning, and that’s why I came over late,” she explained .

 Xiang Yu moved to change her clothes then, and as she walked out of the room again, she asked, “Has our apartment been arranged?”

 She inquired as if she were instructing a maid . There was no modesty or politeness in her voice .

 Logically speaking, Yun Shishi had no obligations to help them settle in the capital .

 Looking for an apartment should have been done by them . She did not have to manage everything on their behalf; she did it, nonetheless, for the sake of her father and the fact that they were her relatives, yet her aunt’s bossy attitude made it seem as if she owed them that!

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 Even for someone with a good temper like her, she still felt uncomfortable inside upon hearing her aunt’s words .

 “Not yet . I’ve already asked my friends for help in finding a relatively peaceful neighborhood here, and they’ve referred me to a few areas . I’ll bring you over to have a look,” she answered softly .

 Her aunt nodded, feeling satisfied . “Alright!”

 The two sisters exchanged glances before asking, “Are the housing rates in the capital very expensive?”

 “Uhh… They’re all right . ”

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 “We’ve only been here for a while, so we don’t have much money on us… Could you help us bear some of the rent for now? Once we regain our footing in the capital, we can discuss this again!”

 Her older cousin brought this up in a tone that did not sound as if there was room for discussion at all .

 She furrowed her eyebrows but did not refuse .

 She already intended to bear the housing rent for them, anyway . It was just that hearing them utter about it now, the sentiments seemed to have changed!

 Still, she had always been introverted by nature . Even if she felt uncomfortable inside, she would not argue about her case with them .

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 Once the trio was done packing their luggage, she settled the hotel room rates and fetched them to the address her assistant had sent over .

 On the way there, Yun Qingmiao, who was gazing at the streetscape outside the window from the passenger seat, started feeling bored and redirected her gaze onto the car’s interior . Eventually, her eyes landed on her cousin’s body and took notice of the dazzling diamond jewelry on the latter’s ring finger, which was attached to the hand gripping the steering wheel .

It was a one-carat ring .

 She heard that pink was the rarest color of diamond, and this one was exquisitely cut to boot .

 Just imagine her disbelief—and more than that, her doubt—at the sight of it .

 “Is the ring on your finger genuine?” She suspiciously examined it .

 When Yun Qinli heard the word ‘ring’, her attention was piqued . Following her older sister’s line of sight, she took in the eye-catching ring on her cousin’s body .

 She heartily commented subconsciously, “Wow! That ring is so big and shiny! It’s unbelievably dazzling!”

 Yun Shishi smiled but did not say anything .

 At the side, the older of the sisters remarked, “Cousin, is your diamond ring fake or not?”

 “Surely, it isn’t fake! If it is, it’ll be embarrassing to wear it in public where people who are able to tell such things apart can see it . Still, I’m no expert regarding this stuff, so I can’t be sure of its authenticity,” responded her younger sibling matter-of-factly .

 Their cousin merely kept her grip on the steering wheel, seemingly having not heard any of their eccentric talks .