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Chapter 1677
Chapter 1677: Extreme Relatives

Putting aside the issue of acrophobia, the younger one was shameless in complaining about the size of the apartment .

The assistant was struck by their audacity .

The apartment is small, of course!

Condominium apartments were different from self-constructed houses in villages . Apartments were made small due to the high prices of land in the city . In her case, she was still unable to save up for a deposit after many years of laboring .

Many dreamed of having a house in the capital, but most could only sigh in futility after seeing the astronomical price!

Alas, Yun Qingmiao simply retorted, “The apartment is small . ”

This apartment was worth two to three million yuan on the market, yet all this woman could do was complain about its size .

She tried to explain it . “The rent is… expensive because the land here is precious . This stretch may not match up to those prime locations, but the price is still sizable .

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“From what I know, Shishi will be paying the rent for your chosen residence first, and since her income isn’t too amazing, I’ve looked for a few within her budget . ”

She sighed and continued . “Her work has only gotten better recently, so I wanted to lessen her burden somewhat!”

They could openly talk about her artist since she was not around .

Xiang Yu took the lead as she commented with indifference, “He he! I’m her aunt; it’s only proper for her to treat me well, isn’t it? Moving to the city wasn’t easy for us, and we haven’t settled in properly yet . It’s her duty to take care of us during this period!”

The assistant frowned in disgust .

This aunt of my artist doesn’t choose her words carefully at all!

Must Shishi wait on you just because you are her aunt?

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In what way do you deserve that?

It’s true that she can afford the rent here, but these people aren’t grateful at all . There’s no word of thanks coming from them .

Although my charge isn’t the type to seek others’ gratitude, taking kindness and goodwill for granted is still unreasonable!

Although the assistant was rather unhappy, she did not publicly make her sentiment known due to her position .

The aunt asked, “How much is the rent for this place?”

“It’s about four to five thousand yuan . ”

“Four to five thousand yuan!”

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Drawing in a sharp breath, the middle-age woman went: “It’s that expensive?!”

The assistant reckoned that this aunt would appreciate what her niece was doing for her now but truly did not anticipate the ungrateful words that subsequently came from her .

“Oh, my! Thank goodness my niece is footing the fee first . If not, how can we afford such a high rent?”

At one side, the older daughter chipped in worriedly, “Mom, why don’t we let cousin help us with a year’s rent first . Even if we are to find a job later, the high rent will be taxing for us!”

“That’s right! Cousin should be able to manage a year’s worth of rent! Mom, go and speak to her; I’m sure she’ll agree,” egged the younger one .

She nodded in total agreement .

By then, the assistant had enough of these women’s brazenness .

She corrected them . “Shishi has just embarked on her career, and now you want her to pay one year’s worth of rent for you . Auntie… you have to be more empathetic toward your niece!”

The middle-aged woman knitted her brows in displeasure .

Yun Qingmiao: “Just embarked on her career? I don’t think so! She should be rather well-off; she’s driving a Mercedes-Benz, isn’t she?! I guess her income must be very high; in fact, if not, how can she afford to drive a Merz?”

The assistant snorted inwardly . What sort of car she’s driving is none of your business! She’s not obligated to care for you all even if she’s to drive a Porsche!

What extreme relatives!