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Chapter 1673: 1673

Staring incredulously at his daughter, Yun Yecheng frowned and opened his mouth, but no words came forth immediately . Finally, after mulling over it for some time, he broke his silence and asked in a deep voice, “Have you made up your mind?”


 “Are you truly ready for a married life? Marriage isn’t like dating; there’re many complicated things attached to it that need much consideration! It isn’t the same as love!”

 His forehead creased together as he spoke . It was apparent that he was feeling very vexed .

 His daughter actually did not say anything to him before she registered her marriage with that young man . Even now, he still felt a little confused!

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 He could not understand it at all .

 “You… This is too sudden… I’m not prepared for this at all!”

 The elderly man shook his head and sighed . From his anxious look, she could tell that her father was very worried and afraid that she had made a rash decision without thinking it through—that she had so easily entrusted the rest of her life to a man whom she barely knew!


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 His daughter might be a mature adult at twenty-four, who was fully capable of deciding her marriage, and he had no right to meddle in it, but regardless of all that, she was ultimately his child to him .

 Hence, he found it difficult to accept this abrupt decision of hers right away .

 There were so many things to be particular about in marriage . Everything did not end with the registration of their marriage!

 Dating might only involve the couple; marriage, however, concerned the families of both parties .

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 Every aspect of the six traditional marriage protocols—a formal proposal, giving of the bride’s eight characters to the groom’s side, placement of the eight characters at the ancestral altar to confirm compatibility, exchanging betrothal gifts, selection of an auspicious wedding date, and the wedding ceremony itself—was a solemn rite that could not be skipped on!

 Alas, she… had actually gone and registered her marriage with that young chap, and it was done quite impulsively if he must say . Was this decision not a tad too hasty?!

 She smilingly took his hand .

 “Dad, I know you’re very worried, and while this marriage may seem hasty and rash to you… I’m actually ready for a married life with kids . I gave it a lot of thought before deciding to spend the rest of my life with him . I feel very lucky and blissful, dad! You don’t have to worry about me; I can take charge of my life now!”

 Hearing that, his heart settled and his anxiety receded a little .

 He breathed a sigh of relief, earnestly saying, “Don’t take this the wrong way . I’m not blaming you for failing to tell me beforehand! It’s just that… it’s so sudden that I can’t accept the news right away! My stance has always been clear; I only hope for you to be happy . I don’t want you making a decision at the spur of the moment! You’ve all along been a mature and sensible person with your set of thinking and considerations . I’m sure you won’t carelessly make a rash decision, so at the end of the day, I believe in your judgment!”

 He paused for a bit and gently patted the back of her hand while sighing . “Regardless of the man, I’ll unconditionally accept provided that you like him! As long as it’s your decision about your future, I’ll sincerely wish you happiness!”

 Touched by his words, the woman hugged her father in gratitude . “Thank you, dad! Thanks for being so forgiving, and I’m sorry for making you worried about my willful action . ”

 He felt helpless yet emotional about the news of her finally tying the knot .