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Chapter 1672: 1672

In the next second, the man drew close to her and cradled her nape with his broad hands .

 His warm lips attached themselves to hers .

 There was no invasive action—just a simple kiss . Still, he was reluctant to move an inch from her pinkish, little lips .

 Their faces were so intimately close to each other that the long and dense lashes from his hooded lids intertwined with hers .

 Due to their proximity, she could only see that pair of mesmerizing deep-set eyes from her hooded lids .

 There was no end in sight, but an infinite constellation seemed to be contained in his lustrous orbs .

 A look at them was bound to immerse one in their tenderness .

 She wondered if this man would spoil her rotten .

 She always felt like a loved and doted on little princess, who was welcomed to fool around in those broad arms of his, when she was with him .

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 Such pampering inevitably made her feel worried . The deeper her infatuation was, the more fearful she was of losing this love…

 Nevertheless, even for just a second, she did not wish to wake up from this tenderness .

 Thus, she looped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss .

 After the man sent her back home, he decided to make a trip to his office .

 There were several company meetings that needed his presiding; hence, he had to rush back to work .

 The woman could not help feeling worried about him . “Aren’t you going to rest for a bit? You don’t look like you had a good sleep . ”

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 Seeing the concern in her eyes, he asked teasingly, “Are you feeling heartache for me?”

 At that, she coughed for a bit and shot him a glare .

 The man smiled . “Good girl, wait for me at home!”

 ‘Wait for me at home!’

 These words warmed her heart .

 She pursed her lips and looked at him before shyly ordering, “Come home early . ”

 “Alright . ”

 With that, he left in his car and drove off into the distance .

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 The woman moved to enter the house, and upon opening the front door, she found her father seated rigidly in the living room . He seemed to have been waiting for her for a long time .

 Her uncle sat beside her father, with her younger son handing a cup of hot tea to the man .

 Realizing that his daughter had returned, Yun Yecheng shot right to his feet and hastily approached her . He went straight to the point before she could greet him . “Shishi, where have you been since this morning?”

 She was taken aback by this question . Seeing the anxiety on his face, her mind suddenly came to a realization .

 How could she have forgotten that they had not even consulted her father about registering their marriage?!

 The two of them had sneaked away to register their marriage like an eloping couple .

 However, it all happened so suddenly that she did not have a chance to inform her father about it .

 She answered, “Dad, I went to the Civil Affairs Bureau this morning . ”

 “The Civil Affairs Bureau?!”

 The elderly man had just raised a brow in puzzlement when a thought suddenly hit him; thus, he asked askance, “Did you go register your marriage with him?”

 She pursed her lips as she slowly nodded her head in response .

 He stiffened in shock when his gaze landed on the two red booklets in her hand .

 “Both of you… have registered your marriage?!”

 Why so suddenly?!

 He had just returned to the capital and learned that a mysterious yet noble man had somehow become his future son-in-law, yet in just one night, the latter got promoted to his legitimate son-in-law .

 He had a little difficulty grasping the situation .

 Were youngsters so efficient these days?