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Published at 27th of July 2020 10:35:08 PM
Chapter 1674: 1674

From behind, Yun Yehou was astonished and shocked to learn out of their conversation that his niece had already gotten a marriage certificate .

 He pushed the wheelchair in front of her and asked, “Niece… have you truly registered your marriage?”


 She nodded .

 Hearing this, he was nonplussed . A smile graced his face as happiness shone in his eyes .

 “I’m so happy for you!”

 He turned around, only to see his brother’s complex look, seemingly quite dissatisfied .

 “Brother, look at you; what is with that face? Your daughter getting her marriage certificate is such great news; this means that I’m rather lucky as I’ll be able to attend my niece’s upcoming wedding banquet!”

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 He paused for a moment before he shifted his gaze back onto her niece . “Shishi, I wish you all the happiness in the world from the bottom of my heart!”

 “Thank you, uncle!” she said, feeling moved .

 “Where is he?” inquired her father .

 He was probably referring to her husband with that ‘he’ .

 “Zhe’s still at work . He headed to his office after sending me home,” she replied .

 The twins flocked to their sides, and the mischievous older boy snatched the two red booklets from his mother’s hands . Handing one to his twin, both flipped them open at the same time .

 Thereafter, he let out an exaggerated squeal of delight . “Wow! Mommy’s so beautiful and daddy’s so handsome! A dashing man and a stunning lady—what a match made in heaven!”

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 His brother shot him a cold glare and then made fun of him . “Oh, my; brother, that wasn’t easy! You finally used two idioms correctly . You deserve praise!”

 1He was firmly provoked by that . Backing himself up, he said seriously, “I am a conservative and cultured person . ”

 The other did not hold back on unleashing his incomparably poisonous tongue at him . “Your skin is so thick . Can you spare some for me to survive the winter?”

 His face collapsed . Feeling terribly wronged, he had the urge to cry . “Youyou, you…”

 He was not as good with his words as his little brother . When it came to squabbling, he was easily crushed by him .

 Little Yichen was close to crying due to the anger he felt .

 Seeing how he was about to cry out of indignance, his twin immediately comforted him . “Don’t lower your head, or your crown will fall! Don’t cry, or I will laugh!”

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 With that, the evil lad reached out and violated his older sibling’s soft pink cheeks .

 The latter let him rub his cheeks as he pleased with an innocent expression .

 Seeing these two kids fooling around, the two elderly men could not help but chortle heartily .

 Their mother could not bear to watch them further . Grabbing her younger son’s hands, she hit them twice . “I forbid you from bullying your brother again!”

 The older boy, with a wronged face, reached out for his mother’s hand with his grabby paws . “Mommy…”

 “You’ve grown up, huh! You know now how to act pitiful to gain sympathy . ” His younger twin snorted coldly .

 “Hmph! I’m not playing with you anymore . ”

 He turned around and displayed an ‘I’m going to ignore you’ stance .

 The younger boy laughed helplessly before walking over . “All right! Since today our parents’ marriage registration, let’s just have a peaceful interaction this time, okay?”


 The older sibling turned to face him as he stuck out his little finger . “Okay! Pinky promise!”

 After having lunch as a family, their mother drove the car to the hotel the relatives were staying at . On the way there, she asked her manager and assistant to look for a comparatively peaceful area in the capital . She planned to have her aunt and cousins settle there .

 Just as she reached the hotel room, she heard her aunt complaining, “Niece, why are you only here now?! Didn’t you promise to pick us up in the morning?”

 Yun Shishi frowned . She had yet to even open her mouth to speak .