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Published at 24th of July 2020 11:20:18 PM
Chapter 1663

The question he posed actually sounded so aggressive .

 Yun Shishi had just woken up; hence, she was slightly muddle-headed when she subconsciously answered, “It’s in the drawer of our bedroom’s TV cabinet… Why?”

 The man, however, simply sidestepped her and headed straight into the bedroom .

 Her eyes widened even further at his baffling action . Following him into the room, she found him squatting before the TV cabinet and rummaging through the opened drawer where he finally found a stack of documents, which included her household registration booklet .

 “What do you want to do with that booklet?”

 She knitted her brows and warily eyed his cold yet calm side-profile as she fell into deep thoughts, trying to figure out the man’s intention .

 Mu Yazhe totally ignored her, though . He flipped through the booklet until he found the page he wanted . Squeezing the booklet tightly in his hand, he stood up abruptly .

 His tall and large stature instantly made the room appear a lot smaller than it actually was .

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 His tight grip on the booklet puzzled her even more . She did not understand why he had been acting all secretive this early in the morning!

 She found him drawing close to her to ask, “Where’s your identification card?”

 “My… It’s in my wallet . ” She obediently answered his question in spite of her perplexity .

 “Where’s your wallet?”

 She blinked her eyes in confusion . “It’s… in the car’s storage compartment . ”

 He suddenly pulled her with him as he took large strides toward the door .

 The woman struggled for a bit in his grip while she questioned him with a frown, “You’ve been acting all mysterious since earlier . I really don’t know what are you up to!”

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 “Come with me!”

 Feeling lost, she demanded, “Where am I going with you?!”

 He looked past his shoulder without warning and stared right into her eyes as he carefully enunciated, “I’ve proposed to you, haven’t I?”

 She nodded belatedly . “…Yes . ”

 “And you’ve promised me, haven’t you?” He posed another question to her, his eyes gleaming .

 She pursed her lips despite the tinge of blush on her cheeks and asked out of exasperation, “Why are you asking all these questions? I don’t understand the purpose of your inquiry!”

 “Answer me first . ”

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 His words halted for a moment before continuing in an aggressive tone that people found hard to disobey . “You promised me, right?”


 She was completely startled by the man’s unusual behavior .

 This man before her seemed to be possessed . Early this morning, she found him sitting right on the sofa, flipping through the newspaper . From his tired look, she could not tell what time he had slept last night!

 Hearing her reply, the man suddenly smirked as he elegantly cocked a brow, his eyes curving into beautiful crescents .

 “Then, just come with me!”

 With that, he pulled her by the hand out of the door .

 From his spirited and vigorous strides, he appeared to be eagerly looking forward to doing a certain matter .

 It was difficult for her to keep up with his pace . Stumbling behind him, she asked in frustration, “What are we exactly doing?”

 “We’re going to the Civil Affairs Bureau!”

 His reply completely rendered her speechless . “W-What?!”

 The Civil Affairs Bureau?!


 The abruptness of his decision might have been the source of her momentary daze as she posed a very silly question . “What are we going there for?”

 That was such a dumb question .