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Published at 23rd of July 2020 11:35:08 PM
Chapter 1662: 1662

Youyou: “My poor daddy got banished just like that!”

 Little Yichen: “Got banished just like that!”

 “How does it feel to be exiled?”

 “How does it feel?”

 Youyou: “Are you feeling very bitter and aggrieved?”

 Little Yichen: “Are you feeling very aggrieved?”

 “He he he… You deserve it!”

 “He he he! You deserve it!”

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 Mu Yazhe’s face instantly darkened at the merciless taunting of his sons who sang the same tune .

 “You two brats are tired of living, huh?!”

 Cracking sounds from his knuckles could be heard when he clenched his fists .

 “Are you both now so capable that you dare to scoff at me?!”

 Cowed by his father’s threatening face, the older one gulped nervously . He recalled the bitter suffering he had endured under his father’s hands, and the frightened boy timidly hid behind his younger brother .

 The younger one did not fall for the man’s tactic, though . He was unfazed by his threat and attitude for he had his mother’s backing . Hence, he stood with his arms akimbo and smugly regarded the man . “Daddy, it’s very tasteless of you to be threatening two seven-year-olds!”

 Mu Yazhe: “…”

 This little thing with his sharp tongue was a real handful!

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 He squinted at them . “Go back to your room and sleep!”

 “Daddy, why are you being so fierce?”

 Chuckling behind his hand, his younger son continued to mock him mercilessly . “Sigh… I was actually planning to help make your bed, but since you’re being so fierce with us, you could forget about it!”

 With that, he took his older brother’s hand, strutted back to their room, and shut the door with a bang .

 The man clenched his fists in exasperation .

 That kid… really could hit a person who was down .

 There was a master bedroom upstairs .

 It was just that there was only a mattress on the bed—no sheets or blankets .

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 He could only depend on himself now . After rummaging through the boxes and cabinets, he found himself some bedsheets and a silk blanket, which he put on the mattress before heading to the bathroom for a hot shower and, finally, to bed!

 The saying ‘It’s difficult to sleep alone’ perfectly described his current situation .

 The man tossed and turned in bed for the entire night but still found trouble falling asleep .

 In the dark bedroom, he opened his cold eyes and gazed up at the ceiling, feeling somewhat irritated .

 He probably had gotten used to her companionship during the long nights, and as such, he was prone to having bouts of insomnia in her absence .

 During the fortnight of her absence, when he had trouble falling asleep, he would always get up to smoke a few cigarettes, reading through his emails and reports . Only at dawn would he finally feel sleepy and head to lie in bed .

 Just last night, he slept especially well with the woman by his side

 What about her?

 Would she be used to sleeping alone without him, or was she sleeping peacefully as usual?

 Suddenly spreading his arms wide open, he turned and lay on his side, instead . Yun Shishi’s sleeping face seemed to appear before him then .

 This illusion instantly dissipated when he involuntarily reached out his hand to her .

 He rubbed his forehead, feeling frustrated and vexed .

 The next morning, when the woman walked out of her bedroom after washing up, she found him sitting in the living room smoking a cigarette while reading the newspaper .

 As he lazily lounged on the sofa, his well-combed dark hair fluttered in the morning breeze, which came from the window and covered so much of his deep-set eyes that she could not have a clear view of his emotions .

 She was surprised to see him awake . “Why are you up so early?”

 1His head lifted at the sound . Putting down the newspaper, he got up and approached her .

“Where’s your household registration booklet?”