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Published at 24th of July 2020 11:20:14 PM
Chapter 1664

That was such a dumb question .

 The man instantly burst out laughing . Giving her a teasing look, he could not resist answering her question . “We’re registering our marriage!”

 What else could one do at the Civil Affairs Bureau?!

 The woman gaped at him . His sudden decision had totally caught her off guard, and as such, when he said those curt words, all she felt was shock and skepticism!

 I’m… I’m not ready for it yet .

 This is so sudden…

 I’m not prepared for it at all!

 “What?” His eyes, filled with displeasure, narrowed slightly at her hesitant look . “Are you unwilling to do so?!”

 She hastily replied, “That’s not it… I’m not unwilling!”

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 “Then, what’s with that look on your face?”

 “I…” she confessed, “am not fully prepared!”

 Something suddenly came to her mind right then, and she asked, “Have you looked up the almanac?”

 “The almanac?”

 The man’s eyebrow quirked .

 She smilingly explained, “You may not know about this general knowledge, but even though it’s just a marriage registration and not an official wedding ceremony, one should still consult the almanac! Should it state that today is unsuitable for marriage, then it means that it’s an unsuitable day for us to register our marriage!”

 His lips arched into a smirk . “I’ve consulted it!”

 This left the woman even more flabbergasted than before . “…Ah?”

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 He knew about consulting the almanac, too?

 The newspaper on the living room’s coffee table suddenly caught her attention, and only then did she realize the purpose of him sitting on the sofa and flipping through the publication so early in the morning!

 Has he prepared everything, then?!

 He waved the booklet in the air and smilingly said, “Follow me . ”

 Not giving her a chance to refuse, he led her out of the door by the hand .

 The first thing Yun Yecheng did when he woke up was help his brother wash up, and by the time he stepped into the living room, he found his youngest grandson already sitting on the sofa and reading the newspaper with his head bowed . He flipped through the publication when, suddenly, he smiled at what he saw at the corner of a certain page .

 The elderly man asked, “Grandson, is your mommy out of bed yet?”

 The boy looked at the newspaper for a bit before he lifted his head and smiled brightly at him . “I think she has gone outside!”

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 He asked with puzzlement, “Eh? Where did she go?”

 His grandson mulled on the question for a while . Eventually, he smilingly answered, “I think she went to the Civil Affairs Bureau!”

 He then closed the newspaper . Right at that moment, the breeze from outside lifted a corner of it where the almanac stated, ‘Suitable for marriage . ’

 Mu Yazhe drove all the way to the Civil Affairs Bureau .

 The woman was still feeling somewhat incredulous about the present situation .

 Hence, even when they reached the entrance to the bureau and alighted from the car, she felt a little top-heavy and could not recover from her daze .

 She had a weird feeling about this .

 Somehow, she felt herself being pushed to do something way beyond her ability!

 1For reasons unknown, she felt somewhat coerced into going to the bureau . This was despite the man standing beside her being her handsome and rich fiancé, whose marriage proposal she had readily accepted just two days prior .

 Should it be other women in her place now, they would likely be on cloud nine .

 However, perhaps it was due to his sudden and aggressive attitude, she somehow had the feeling that she was being forced into a marriage .

 It was unknown where his sudden impulse came from in just one night . Like a whirlwind, his decision caught her off guard!

 Could… she take back her decision to marry him?!

 She tearfully toyed with that idea .

 It was said that marriage was akin to a graveyard . She was not ready to be buried with him right away!