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Published at 21st of July 2020 04:35:09 PM
Chapter 1655: 1655

She felt somewhat skeptical about the earlier situation .

 She seemingly caught sight of the air-con being on earlier . Surely, it was not a deliberate act on his part?

 That faint suspicion lingered .

 The restaurant Mu Yazhe had made a reservation for was in this hotel, which belonged to the upper middle-class .

 Despite its grade, the food the restaurant served was quite sumptuous .

 Yun Shishi helped her father down after parking the car, and naturally, her uncle was carried down the car by her man, who was also in charge of pushing the wheelchair into the hotel .

 Yun Yehou felt a little restless and declined him out of courtesy at first .

 He could tell, from the very start, that this man was of aristocratic background, so having the latter pushing his wheelchair felt somewhat overwhelming to the former .

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 However, the young man nonchalantly replied, “Your body isn’t in its best condition, so just sit comfortably; you don’t have to worry about anything else!”

 Hearing that, the elderly man decided that there was no point in declining his help any further . From the glow on his face, though, he was apparently in a good mood!

 The woman chuckled inwardly when she saw their interaction .

 This fella really had a way of doing things, huh!

 When the restaurant manager learned of the VIPs’ arrival at the hotel, he naturally did not dare to tarry in welcoming them, so he led a team of employees to stand in rows at the entrance to welcome them . His joy and excitement could not be contained the instant he saw Mu Yazhe . He hastily approached him and was about to greet him when the other man timely raised a hand to stop him .

 “Don’t make a fuss! I’m only here for a meal . ”

 His implication was clear; he wanted to keep a low profile and not draw attention by having people address him grandly as ‘Chairman Mu’!

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 The manager’s voice got hitched in his throat . Understanding the meaning of his words, he dropped the flattering act and nodded smilingly . “Chairman Mu, your private room has been prepared! This way, please!”

 Despite the man’s request, it was only right that he greeted him in that way; otherwise, it would really be disrespectful of him .

 With an eye-signal, a waiter next to him promptly stepped forward and took over the pushing of the wheelchair into the lift .

 As the hotel’s elevator was not spacious enough to accommodate them all, when Yun Shishi stepped inside, an ‘overload’ sign was displayed on the screen .

 Her older cousin grinningly suggested, “Cousin, why don’t you use the stairs? It’s only a five-floor climb, anyway!”

 She nodded . “Alright! I’ll use the stairs, then; meet you guys in the room!”

 The elevator doors were about to close when the young man stepped out .

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 This surprised her . “What are you doing?”

 Standing inside the lift, the pair of sisters was somewhat perplexed by his action, too . “Eh?! Why did you go out? There’s still space for one!”

 He ignored their cries of persuasion . Bowing his head to look at his woman, he took her hand and interlocked her fingers with his .

 “We’ll go together . ”

 His woman’s face flushed as she muttered, “I don’t usually see you being so clingy . ”

 Yun Qingmiao’s face soured at this display of affection . She wanted to say something, but the lift doors happened to shut at this point .

 In that narrow, enclosed area, it was apparent that she was not in the best mood .

 Her mother shot her puzzled look . “What’s with the awful look again?”

 “It’s nothing!”

 She suddenly turned to her uncle and asked out of curiosity, “Uncle, what sort of background does cousin’s boyfriend have? Earlier, I saw the restaurant manager’s polite treatment to him; he seems to be a man of power and influence . It sounded very flattering when the manager greeted him as ‘Chairman Mu’!”

 Yun Yecheng was now even more certain of the identity of his daughter’s boyfriend .