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Published at 21st of July 2020 04:35:15 PM
Chapter 1654
Chapter 1654: Genetically Evil

The car traveled along the road .

Yun Qingmiao whispered to her sister, “Doesn’t cousin’s boyfriend seem unfriendly?”

“Huh! Surely not? I saw his tender look when he stood next to our cousin; why now… look at him…”

The younger one then signaled to the rearview mirror, which reflected the aloof face of the man staring straight ahead .

Other than the earlier warning, he neither spoke a word nor paid attention to them .

He would not give a reply even when they tried to chat him up .

“It feels hard to get close to him!”

Yun Qinli whispered, “I bet he’s the typical, henpecked husband, only all ears to his wife! When other women talk to him, he is so cold and indifferent! He obviously doesn’t want to pay attention or talk to us!”

“Is that so…” softly mumbled the other woman .

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Feeling jittery, she pinched her older sister in warning . “Can’t you keep your voice down?!”

“Nah, it’s fine!”

The latter waved off her warning and gazed obsessively at the man reflected in the mirror .

She suddenly grudgingly mumbled, “Sigh… You really can’t compare lives! Why couldn’t I meet such a good man, too? Why should cousin get to encounter all sorts of good things? I’d be over the moon if I were to have such a boyfriend!”

The younger one unhappily added . “I wonder what she did to deserve such a man when she’s no better than us? Gee… Who knows? Maybe he is just toying with cousin and will split up with her after some time!”

Her voice was kept to the minimum level; hence, she thought that the man could not hear her .

What she did not know, though, was that he had superb auditory perception and heard every word from their conversation .

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Reaching the end of his limits, the man reached out to the air-con and blasted the back seat with cold air .

Due to his strong resistance to cold and by shutting the air-con vent at the driver’s seat, he naturally could not feel this frosty temperature .

Now, the back seat was no longer as comfortable as before!

Cold air constantly blew at the pair of siblings!

They belatedly felt the drop in temperature in the car as they hugged themselves and shivered .

“It’s so cold…”

The older woman asked dully, “Why is it so cold in the car?”

Shuddering all over, the younger one was puzzled, too . “How strange . It suddenly feels cold here!”

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After a pause, she made a request to the man . “Please turn on the heater! It’s freezing here . ”

Unfortunately, his reply was: “The heater is down . ”

Yun Qinli: “…”

Why was it not working?


As such, the cold air blew at the sisters for the rest of the journey .

Min Yu made a dinner reservation at Wenbi Manor Hotel . Upon reaching the venue, the sisters alighted from the car with chattering and their arms wrapped around their shoulders . They were obviously feeling frigid!

Once the evil man alighted from the car, too, he simply swept them with a silent gaze before elegantly shutting the door and walking to his woman’s car .

The sisters could only watch him from behind with their mouths agape as they were hesitant to speak .

Their mother approached them . The moment she touched her older daughter’s hands, she was shocked by how cold they felt .

“Why are your hands so cold?!”

Yun Qingmiao cried out in aggrieve . “The car heater broke down, so the entire journey here was spent in this cold interior . ”

The defensive mother fumed . “What lousy car is that?! The heater will actually break down?!”

Despite the frown on Yun Qinli’s face, she did not make any comment on the matter .