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Published at 21st of July 2020 11:00:16 PM
Chapter 1656: 1656

He chuckled dryly but did not respond to the question .

 His sister-in-law joined in on the probing, though . “Brother-in-law, since he is my niece’s boyfriend, I believe you should investigate his background . After all, your daughter is so young and pretty . It’ll be devastating for you if she gets swindled by a man with a trashy background!”

 “That’s right, uncle; try to find out more about his identity and status!” chipped in Yun Qingmiao again .

 Sitting in his wheelchair, the girl’s father clicked his tongue as he reprimanded, “Why are you lot being so nosy? Who are you to worry about Shishi’s partner?”

 “Ah? You! What’s wrong with you today? Why do you keep dampening my enthusiasm?” His wife was furious, clearly unwilling to be outdone by him .

 Yun Yecheng tried to smooth things over . “Oh, dear! It’s rare for us to have a happy occasion like this, so let’s just stop the squabbling . ”

 His handicapped brother had nothing to add after hearing this .

 Xiang Yu scoffed as she nagged under her breath, but her voice was soft, so no one heard what she was mumbling about .

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 The couple, who had taken the stairs, arrived just as they entered the room .

 Before the pair could sit down, Yun Qingmiao asked the man with a face full of curiosity, “I heard them calling you ‘Chairman Mu’ earlier . He he… Are you some kind of big boss?”

 Yun Shishi furrowed her eyebrows, feeling a little uncomfortable at the question .

 Why was this cousin of hers paying such close attention to him since the beginning?

 She cast a sidelong glance onto the man before relaxing her frown .

 Well, it was not strange, either!

 After all, this man could easily attract bees and butterflies . Even if they were to disregard his handsome features and high family status, he still had a refined air about him, which could easily move one’s heart .

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 He was really someone she could not help but worry about!

 The man raised his gaze and glanced at the woman asking the question . Originally, he wanted to ignore her, but with so many pairs of eyes on them, he could not present himself too coldly .

 Therefore, he smiled and exchanged a conventional greeting . “The people in the hotel will greet anyone with such a title!”

 The woman heard this but was doubtful about it . Just as she moved to question back, her mother was a step ahead . “I heard the lobby manager calling you ‘Chairman Mu’ earlier . He he! I still don’t know your name; can I call you Little Mu?”

 He nodded .

 Xiang Yu let out a satisfied smile .

 On the other hand, Yun Shishi sniggered to herself .

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 ‘Little Mu’?!

 She was caught between laughter and tears by this name .

 If all his subordinates at Disheng learned that their big boss was being called such by others, they would be in complete disarray!

 Yun Yehou silently sized them up before exclaiming in admiration, “Little Mu is so tall and handsome; he’s also very polite! My good niece, you are truly very fortunate!”

 His wife tagged onto his words . “Yeah! Ah, niece truly has a big blessing! Your ancestral graves must be smoking for you to be able to find such a match like this young man!”

 Yun Shishi furrowed her eyebrows . Her aunt’s words were so untimely . She should not have said something like that in front of so many people .

 Still, thinking about it now, it was not worth bothering about .

 She heard that this aunt had limited education . Therefore, she was not tactful with her words . She could only just let it go past her head .

 At the side, her father had not uttered a word . Since the young man’s arrival, he had just been examining him silently, seemingly facing an enemy!

 He did not expect his return to the capital to be greeted by a potential son-in-law from out of nowhere!

 This had caught him unprepared, indeed .

 In fact, even now, he was unable to digest this news .

 The dishes were served one after another as they exchanged more conventional greetings .