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Published at 21st of July 2020 04:35:19 PM
Chapter 1653
Chapter 1653: Repulsed by the Approach of Other Women

“Ha ha!”

Yun Yecheng’s face glowed at the compliment .

Before getting in the car, Yun Qingmiao pointed at Mu Yazhe’s car and asked, “Cousin, can younger sister and I sit in that car?”

“Sure . Just sit wherever you like!”

Both vehicles were actually very spacious, so even if they all sat together in one car, it would not pose a problem .

However, the sisters were reluctant to do so; they wanted to sit in the other car . Thus, only the elderly ones sat in Yun Shishi’s car, while the sisters sat in her man’s car .

Once the younger sister got into the car, she was shocked by its spacious interior .

The Mercedes-Benz GLS AMG was an imported SUV with sleek and expensive design—real leather seats, panoramic sunroof, streamlined body, et cetera…

The sisters felt somewhat uneasy and restrained ever since hopping in the car . They could not help thinking that such a high-end vehicle must have cost a bomb!

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The car started moving gradually .

The man stared straight ahead as he held the steering wheel and led the way with his car .

His woman’s car tailed his .

In consideration for his woman’s little experience with driving a car, he drove at a lower speed, lest she be unable to keep up with him .

After a short period of adjustment, the older sister in the car finally relaxed her posture . She shifted slightly forward to lean against the back of the driver’s seat and proceeded to admire in secret the man’s side profile reflected in the rearview mirror .

He had an upright chin, sharp facial contours, and a handsome yet firm appearance, which exuded aristocratic vibe and haughtiness .

She could not help feeling a little infatuated with him .

She had never seen such a handsome man before, especially one who was not only good-looking but also rich, noble, and mesmerizing .

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No woman could resist his extraordinary charm .

She was no exception, of course; her heart fluttered at the sight of him .

Thus, with a grin, she asked, “What’s your name?”

Seeing that her sister dared to chat up this seemingly unfriendly man, the younger one leaned forward as well, her curiosity piqued .

Not bothering to look at them, he coldly answered, “You can call me ‘cousin-in-law’ from now on . ”


The older sister laughed dryly . “It doesn’t seem appropriate for me to call you that, though . You guys aren’t married yet, after all!”

The man frowned slightly but did not comment on it .

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“Just tell me your name; I still don’t know it!”

The younger sister chimed in from the side . “Exactly!”

He suddenly said, “Pay attention to your seats . ”

The sisters exchanged puzzled glances before turning to look at their seats in curiosity . They did not understand the meaning of his words .

“Huh? I don’t understand what you’re saying…”

He clarified, “The seatbelts on your seats . ”

The older sibling picked up a seatbelt, feeling baffled . “What’s wrong with the seatbelts?”

“Put each on!”

She did not know whether to laugh and cry at his reply . “What for?”

His brow arched in irritation as he swerved his car in a sudden sharp turn . Caught off guard, the siblings bumped into each other and nearly fell off their seats .

After the car went back on track, the haggard sisters lifted their heads quietly and hastened to strap the seatbelts over themselves .

Now, even if Yun Qingmiao wanted to lean in and chat with him, she would be unable to get so close to him like before due to the constraints of the seatbelt .

Other than Yun Shishi, he disliked women getting so close to him!

He found it to be very repulsive!