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Published at 21st of July 2020 04:35:41 PM
Chapter 1647
Chapter 1647: The best laid-out plan can go awry .

“Ah Hou, don’t argue anymore! No matter what, I’m determined to bring you back to the capital with me! Stop being fussy; following my instructions will do!”

His brother was too moved to speak otherwise .

Now that he was confirmed to be moving to the capital with his older brother, his scheming wife and two daughters would definitely latch onto this opportunity!

Indeed, Xiang Yu and their two daughters were all packed and ready to go—excited to start a new life of entitlement in the capital!

As mentioned before, the young Yun Yehou had managed to build a new house after earning some money from his years of hard work at a construction site .

After building the new place, he married the woman and had two daughters subsequently .

What happened after?

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They were not rich, but life was well and peaceful .

Unfortunately, even the best laid-out plan could go awry .

He was badly injured at work one day and became a paraplegic . With the sole breadwinner down and out, his wife was forced to take up the burden .

Logically, he would have received compensation for work-related injuries resulting in paralysis, especially with him being the only one supporting the family and a sickly mother to take care of .

However, nobody expected the foreman to run away with the workers’ hard-earned money, and even now, the person could not be found .

His pay was gone, much less his compensation .

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Hence, the man could only depend on the meager subsidy given by the village . Their economic source was wholly reliant on the family’s few acres of land .

His wife bore with the hardship at first but soon began complaining .

Others gradually had it good, so what about her?!

For one, she considered her husband a good-for-nothing and, worse still, had turned into a paraplegic!

This was akin to being a widow, was this not?

Setting aside the issue of making ends meet, they could not even live a normal life of husband and wife after that .

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She might have two daughters but had yet to turn forty . With him paralyzed now, it was like turning into a widow when she still had her needs as a woman!

This was too much for her!

She had to work the fields in the day, and upon returning home, she needed to look after her sickly mother-in-law and paralyzed husband . Slowly, her complaints mounted .

A woman who had to bear the family burden was often bullied by others, too . After all, villagers looked down on those who no longer had a man to head the household .

Her elder daughter happened to fail getting accepted into a university during that period . Hence, the woman sent her to work in the factory .

The second daughter was a little better and managed to get the grades to enter university . When Xiang Yu took out the bankbook, she was shocked to discover a large chunk of money missing in it!

She took it to her husband’s bed, where he lay to be interrogated about the missing money .

He refused to divulge it at first .

It was his wife’s subsequent din, which caught their daughters’ attention, that caused him to reveal, albeit very reluctantly, how he had passed the money to his older brother when the other had suffered losses a year or two ago .

Upon discovering the truth, she demanded the man to get the money back from his brother!

Yun Yehou refused .

He could not very well ask back the money which he had willingly given away in the first place .

Besides, where could his brother, who was also facing issues making ends meet, find the money to return to him?