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Chapter 1646
Chapter 1646: Ulterior Motive

She was taken aback .

Her father found a quiet place and revealed the truth to her .

Actually, his brother had insisted on not moving to the city, not for any other reason but that he knew the motives his wife had in mind . His wife wanted to make use of him to escape the impoverished village and to use his older brother’s influence for her two daughters to find jobs in the capital .

If they could find a decent job in the city, it would add honor to her name .

Still, jobs were her afterthoughts .

What she wanted was mainly to go to the capital to find potential sons-in-law with good backgrounds for her two daughters . She then would be well taken care of for the rest of her life!

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Besides, with Yun Yecheng in the capital to look after her husband, she would not need to work so hard to look after him .

In fact, she planned to find a possible partner in the city . With the woman just being in her forties, she was considered too young to be tied down to a crippled for the rest of her life!

If she could find a man to remarry, she could then openly dump him for a better life!

She was just a woman in any case!

A couple was merely temporary companions . They could very well go their separate ways once trouble came along .

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Besides, there was a saying: ‘A bird will search for an ideal tree as its’ resting place . ’

Yun Yehou had become a handicap without the ability to look after himself . He would need others to care and look after him for the rest of his life!

She was unwilling to bear this burden and naturally wanted to seek a way out!

Her husband was not blind to her selfish intentions!

Being her other half for so many years, he could easily tell what she had in mind .

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Moreover, he had grown in sensitivity ever since he was crippled . Having gone through so much in life, he could pretty much see through anyone and anything!

It was even easier to tell a person apart in times like this .

Hence, he did not want to drag his brother into his messy family affairs . He adamantly told him that he wished not to venture to the city and to just stay put in their village .

He was unmoved despite his wife and daughters’ plea .

His wife was so mad at him .

In the end, it was his brother who managed to persuade him finally .

The older man said, “Brother… I wanna bring you to the city so I can take good care of you! You’ve worked so hard all these years wholly because of me! Don’t you worry about being a burden to me once you’re in the city! These are not your worries! Besides, as your brother, it’s what I should do for you! Do you really think I can bear to watch you suffer back here as your older brother? I know all the pains you’ve borne in the last ten years! When I was having it good, you looked after our mother without complaints! When I encountered rough times, you came to see me in the capital to pass me your hard-earned money! You took my place to perform filial piety to our mother for a decade even though it wasn’t your responsibility! Now that you can’t handle any more responsibility, it’s my turn to take it up! Our mother is no longer around and you remain my only concern! Follow me to the city and let me take good care of you, please! We have a good life now thanks to Shishi . She’s a good daughter . Other than you, I have nothing to worry about anymore!”

His heartfelt confession touched his younger brother . With tears in the latter’s eyes, he finally relented to moving to the city with the former . Still, he cautioned, “Older brother, I’m… I’m afraid I’ll be a burden for the rest of your life! You must know that I’m… already a crippled now!”