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Published at 21st of July 2020 04:35:37 PM
Chapter 1648
Chapter 1648: Resented

His wife was so mad, but despite her threats, he refused to budge from his stance; her heart had grown cold toward him at last!

It could be said that the man did not handle this matter in the most appropriate way, and this led to his wife bearing a grudge against his brother . He was partial to his brother!

Was their family any better compared to his brother’s?!

His brother only went bankrupt, but as for his wife, she lost not just their economic support but had to care for a sick elderly and a cripple!

Now, without the savings, she could not send her daughter to college .  Where’s the justice in that?

Because of this, their younger daughter could not go to university and had to follow her older sister to work in the factory, instead .

Because of this matter, too, she started harboring bitterness in her heart, such that her care for the mother-in-law and husband had turned sloppy .

When the older brother came back to their hometown for the funeral, he found out about this matter . Feeling bad about the affair, he wanted to return the money to her .

Although he did return the money to her, she was still resentful, albeit she showed none of that to him .

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What’s the point of returning the money now?!

Her daughter had missed her chance to go to college!

This was her greatest regret!

One must know the great honor a university graduate would have brought to her family!

Alas, everything was destroyed by this older brother’s needless affair!

There was something else her husband was unaware of .

There were times she returned home late not because she was tending the fields .

She was late because she had a tryst with the single man living next door . He would pass her a few hundred yuan each time they had their fun .

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The entire village knew of this extrmarital affair except for the cuckolded man .

Hence, he was the butt of their jokes .

Everyone took her as a whore . In any case, she earned herself a bad reputation for being an unvirtuous woman .

When Yun Yecheng was back in his hometown, he came to know of this gossip, which upset him terribly . The impression he had of this sister-in-law had reached a new low!

Still, he did not want to agitate his sick brother and bore with his unhappiness . Toward the woman, though, he had no good will .

It was his sister-in-law who had shamelessly requested for him to bring them along in his return to the city . Inwardly, he planned to find a rented place for her to stay put .

He would not let this woman become his daughter’s burden .

At four in the afternoon, Yun Shishi and Mu Yazhe were already at the train station .

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Each drove an SUV . The man even thoughtfully had some of his men clear the way for them beforehand so that no paparazzi could catch them in action .

As public figures, they needed to have precautions in place when they appeared in public .

Her father called her once he reached the station .

The old man was stunned to see the tall and broad man in casual outfit appearing in front of him when her daughter came to pick him up .

He looked at his daughter quizzically . “Shishi, isn’t this your… professor?”


Clearing her throat, she simply retorted, “Dad, let’s go home first! It’s inconvenient to talk with the crowd . ”

“Okay . ”

Her father nodded and then turned to his brother sitting in a wheelchair . “Ah Hou, this is your niece; she’s big now . Do you still remember her?”

She walked to the wheelchair, and with a half-squat, smilingly asked, “Uncle, can you recognize me? You carried me once when I was young . I’m your niece .