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Chapter 1645
Chapter 1645: Bringing the Whole Family to the Capital

This was probably one of his few mischievous entertainments!

She punched him hard, but he simply laughed off her frail retaliation . Her punches were nothing to him!

“How could you be so evil?! You lied to me about my ugly sleeping posture . Do you know that I’ve actually taken your words for real?!”

She was terribly upset, especially at the thought of how she had foolishly taken his words for real and even considered finding excuses for her mannerism!

In the end, he told her that he was merely teasing her!

His joke made her very unhappy when the woman realized that she had been had .

He scratched her nose tip, inquiring gently, “Why are you up so early? You looked very tired yesterday; why not rest a little longer?”

His words were suggestive to her .

‘You looked very tired…’

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She recalled their wanton night and her face burned hotter than ever .

Pushing him away, she got out of his arms . Yun Shishi tried to hide her embarrassment as she walked to the side of the bed . She opened a slight gap in the window for the wind to enter, which greatly helped in cooling her flushing face .

The man, who was sitting in a chair, turned around to tease her . “Why? Are you feeling shy?”

“I’m not!”

She turned and glared at him . “Can you stop making fun of me, please?”

He smiled and nodded in acquiescence, knowing full well that he needed to pull a halt to his jokes .

This silly woman was easily embarrassed and might turn around to bite him if pushed to her limits!

She asked him suddenly, “Are you free this afternoon?”

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“Yes,” he replied .

Actually, he needed to attend to a few matters this afternoon .

However, one criterion for being a wife slave was that he needed to make himself available whenever she asked for his presence as this meant that his woman had something to do in mind!

He could attend to his businesses tomorrow; those were not urgent, after all .

She was his number-one priority .

If she were to know this, she would definitely be too touched for words, but the man was too proud to admit this to her . He would definitely not let her know that he had postponed a few business meetings for her as it would likely snigger in glee if she were to find that out!

When she heard that he was free, she made a request . “Can you follow me to pick someone up this afternoon?”

“Who is it?”

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“My father . ”

She smiled . “He’s returning to the capital by train around four in the afternoon . You can accompany me to pick him up if you are available!”

He smiled . “Alright . I’ll accompany you . ”

His reply delighted her tremendously . However, something seemed to bother the woman, for she reconfirmed his availability out of the blue . “Are you sure you’re free this afternoon? You seem to be so busy usually . ”

“I happen to be free this afternoon . ”

“Okay! Love you!”

She hugged his shoulders and gave him a peck on the cheek before running off to call her father .

“Shishi, can you prepare two cars this afternoon when you come to fetch me?”

“Sure . Is there much luggage?”

“Well, it’s like this…”

Her father stammered along and finally told her the truth with some difficulty . “Your aunt and her daughters have followed us to the capital, too!”