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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:25:06 PM
Chapter 1643
Chapter 1643: Loves to tease her…

As she pushed open the door, her sight was greeted by a room filled with warm sunlight .

The sun was shining brightly outside the window .

This room was a luxury suite, which comprised a small conference hall, a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, and even a reading room .

Yun Shishi tugged on her bathrobe and walked into the reading room, only to see Mu Yazhe sitting in front of a computer, his undivided attention on its screen .

As he was focused on his work, he did not notice how the woman was already standing behind him .

Only when she leaned against his back and wrapped her arms around his shoulders did he notice her presence! He did not know when she had entered the room!

“Are you busy?”

The woman rested her lower jaw on his shoulder as she looked at the opened file on the computer screen, only to catch sight of a densely filled out financial report . Just by looking at it gave her a headache!

It seemed that he was settling his company’s quarterly financial report!

“Am I disturbing you?” she asked guiltily .

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The man smiled, covering the back of her hand with his and patting it gently, as he asked gently, “Why aren’t you resting for a while longer?”

“If I sleep some more, it’ll be nightfall before I know it!”

She paused for a moment before letting out a laugh . “Why didn’t you wake me up when you woke up?”

He raised his eyebrow and responded innocently, “You were sleeping so soundly, snoring away like a little pig, so I didn’t wake you up . ”


Shocked by this, her face flushed with anger . She then refuted, “You are talking nonsense; I never snore in my sleep!”

“When did you not snore?”

The man had all the intention of teasing her as he spoke with a straight face . “Your snores were really loud, just like a piglet! When I called to rouse you earlier, you were even smacking your lips—not lady-like in the slightest bit!”


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She panicked in the next moment .

Due to how serious he looked, the woman believed him without any doubt!

She really believed that she had snored while she slept!


I snore?!

Snoring when she was sleeping was such an embarrassing thing!

In her mind, people who snored when they slept were only middle-aged men . It was a rough gesture . On the other hand, she had always been very mindful of her bearing . The moment she thought of how she actually snored in her sleep and was even heard by this man, her face burned from embarrassment!

She bit her lip in a flustered manner and looked as if she were about to cry dry tears . She pouted and tried explaining herself carefully . “Actually… it’s normal for people to snore at times! Sometimes, if a person is too tired, they’ll snore in their sleep… Y-You… had better not…”

Halfway through her words, she began to feel shy .

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She wanted to tell him not to dislike her habit of snoring!

The man was thoroughly amused by how serious she was in trying to justify herself!

Therefore, he raised his hand and uncontrollably pinched her nose as he continued to make fun of her . “You didn’t just snore . I was even tempted to take a photo of your ugly posture when sleeping!”

“Ah! What else did I do? What do you mean by me not just snoring? What else did I do?!”

He nodded seriously and replied, “You did something else! Does drooling count?”



In the next moment .

She flushed so red her face looked to be bleeding!

When did she drool, too?

The woman was so stunned that she unconsciously touched the corner of her lips . However, she did not feel any saliva mark on either side .

He hit her hand away as he continued speaking . “Don’t touch it anymore . When I woke up, you were drooling all over my arm . That’s why I had to help wipe it clean with a towel . ”