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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:25:08 PM
Chapter 1642
Chapter 1642: An Approved Vacation from the Production Team

“Alright! Don’t worry . Just give me a call once you are at the station, and I’ll come pick you up!”

“Do you have something this afternoon? If you do, it’s okay!” asked Yun Yecheng persistently, still considering her needs .

She smiled . “What sort of things will I have, dad? Don’t worry; I’m free this afternoon . ”

The elderly man smiled, touched by her understanding, and then reminded Yun Shishi of a few more things before hanging up .

She looked at the time, taking note that it was already 11:30 AM . Therefore, she hurriedly called Director Gu to inquire about what time the afternoon shoot would end, but the latter responded politely, instead . “Hey, it’s your birthday yesterday . I originally wanted you to celebrate it with Zhang Luo’s production team . Sadly, we didn’t know where you went . Since it’s your birthday, I’m giving you a two-day vacation—today and tomorrow, so please have a good rest! Report to the production team the day after tomorrow!”

His kind words had left her flabbergasted!

Honestly, she was a little baffled .

She actually wanted to ask for a day off when she called Gu Xiaoyang, but when she recalled how she had left the production team without permission the day before, she already expected not to begin a go-ahead and to receive a tongue-lashing from him, instead . Thus, she was trembling in fear as she waited for his scolding of her .

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After all, it was specified in the production team’s rules that no one was allowed to leave it of their prerogative .

This was the same as clocking in at work . No one was allowed to leave suddenly for personal reasons .

She did not make a peep yesterday and just left the production team . Logically, such actions should result in a painful tongue-lashing from the producer . Moreover, it was expected for her to receive a punishment following the announcement of her offense to the production team .

She truly did not expect this call to result in her meeting the magnanimous side of the man, who even gave her a two-day vacation!

A two-day approved vacation!

Did the sun rise from the west today?

This was such a great treatment . Only first-tier actors or main leads were given such benefits!

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She was ecstatic .

Even though there was still an unfinished shoot and she felt uncomfortable that it was left hanging, the artist had honestly been drained in these past few days . She indeed badly needed rest!

The past half a month of non-stop filming had left her drained . She had asked for leave several times but was never approved by the director .

She did not expect to receive an approved vacation today!

Yun Shishi was so excited that she could not stay calm .

Putting down her phone, she sat up and slipped out of the covers . Just as she pulled the blanket away, she was taken aback by the love marks left on her body . There were strips of bruises on her thighs in particular…

She was so indescribably bashful!

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She had incredibly sensitive skin, and she was fair and delicate as well . Even if she was pinched randomly without much strength, there would be eye-grabbing marks left behind .

What more of the unrestrained war zone that had occurred last night?

When she thought about this, the woman became extremely embarrassed . Just as her feet touched the ground after leaving the bed, she fell limply onto the floor .

Oh, god…

Her thighs were so sore and swollen, while her hips were now too soft .

She was unaware of the changes that every part of her body went through after what had happened last night .

All she could feel was that she was a little muddle-headed and slightly out of breath when she got down from the bed!

Instead of saying that she felt as if her body had been crushed under the tires of a car, it was more suitable to say that it felt as if her body had fallen apart!

At that moment, even moving her arms was strenuous .

Yun Shishi relaxed and rubbed her waist gently before taking a deep breath and leaving the bed fully .

She walked to the closet, put on a bathrobe, and wore her slippers before leaving the room .