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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:25:04 PM
Chapter 1644
Chapter 1644: He was teasing her!

He hit her hand away as he continued speaking . “Don’t touch it anymore . When I woke up, you were drooling all over my arm . That’s why I had to help wipe it clean with a towel . ”

His words were said so earnestly that Yun Shishi took them for real . “I… Since when did I start drooling? I really had no idea…” she said in utter defeat .

With that, she bit her lower lip, furious from the embarrassment . In her heart, she cried out, It’s over; it’s over .

The ugly display she had when she was asleep had been seen by this man!

The woman was extremely concerned about her image in his eyes!

Since when did she begin drooling and snoring, just like those middle-aged, boorish men, when she slept?!

Seeing how adorable and interesting her reaction was, the man could not control the curve in his lips as he sniggered .

Hearing his laughter, she turned to glance at him suspiciously, but he managed to control himself and lose his smile before he looked back at her . With a straight face, no hint of amusement could be found in sight .

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“Perhaps… I was too tired . I hope you don’t mind . ”

He snorted coldly . “I can stand you drooling and snoring, but do you know that you sleep-talk at night as well? You even hugged the blankets and kicked me several times! That’s way too overboard!”

She widened her eyes in shock as she looked at him in disbelief . “That’s impossible! I’m rather well-behaved when I sleep . I’ve never kicked anyone before, and I don’t sleep-talk!”

“He he! You were especially mean when you stole the blankets . I woke up in the middle of the night and found all the covers on me gone!”

As he said that, the man let out an indignant and helpless sigh . “I can’t believe how much you’ve tormented me in just one night!”


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She bit her lower lip as if she were about to cry!

She really did not know when she started to have so many bad sleeping habits!

Mu Yazhe even let out a coincidental sneeze, scaring the woman senseless . “Are… Are you okay?!”

“I’m fine!”

“I think I caught a cold,” he said, furrowing his brows .

Hearing that, the woman felt extremely remorseful .

She tugged on his arm and tried to curry some favor . “I’m sorry; I didn’t know… I truly didn’t know that I am such a terrible sleeper! I’ve always slept alone, and Youyou never told me about my sleeping habits even when he slept with me . That’s why I had no clue that my sleeping habits are so bad…”

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Hearing that, the man laughed inwardly while he remained cold and dismissive outwardly .

She felt terrified, believing his claim to be true . “D-Did… you catch a cold? I’ll feel really horrible if that’s the case!”

As she racked her brains for a way to smooth things over, the man’s lips curved into a smile . He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into his embrace in the next second . The man then looked at her lovingly as he planted a kiss on her face .

“He he! Dummy, no matter how horrible your sleeping habits are, I love them all . ”

Yun Shishi was stunned . Noting the playfulness in his eyes, she retorted in accusation, “You… Were you teasing me moments ago?!”

“Have you only realized it now?”

Mu Yazhe moved closer to her face, his eyes glinting mischievously and devilishly . The tips of their noses touched as he uttered, “I love teasing you . ”

He loved admiring the times when she was helpless and frantic like a little rabbit!

So adorable and amusing!