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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:25:10 PM
Chapter 1641
Chapter 1641: His insensitive tone!

The words ‘too tired’ left enough room for one’s imagination .

The agent’s lips twitched harshly after seemingly having figured out why his artist was ‘too tired’!

Since the couple had not seen each other for half a month, the two must have kept going until really late last night!

He hit his head and cleared his throat, saying awkwardly thereafter, “Okay! Then… I won’t interrupt sir’s rest any longer! Please help me let Shishi know that I wish her a happy birthday!”

“You can say your message to her once you see her! I’m not responsible for passing it,” retorted Mu Yazhe .

Qin Zhou: “…”

His tone was so insensitive, curt and filled with fury!

It seemed that he was discretely blaming him for her jam-packed schedule!

There was something hidden behind those spoken words!

He exchanged a few more conventional words awkwardly with the man before hanging up .

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Thinking about it now, he had indeed planned an extremely hectic schedule for his charge recently . He reflected on it and made a call to rearrange her participation in shows .

After hanging up the call, Mu Yazhe retreated to the bedroom .

That afternoon, Yun Shishi was woken up by her phone’s ringtone .

She was rudely shaken awake by it . Blinking her eyes open, she realized that the ringing was coming from next to her ear .

She turned around, unsure of when her phone had been taken out of her purse and placed beside her pillow .

She calmed her erratic heart . Just as she raised her hand to grab the phone, she was shocked by the ache coming from the joints of her arm!

“Hiss! So sore!”

The woman furrowed her eyebrows and grumbled while picking up the phone with aching muscles . When the call connected, she heard the guilt-ridden voice of Yun Yecheng .

“Daughter, are you free… this afternoon?”

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“This afternoon…”


She looked around the room, suddenly remembering the wild time they had last night once she recalled where she was .

The blinds were drawn in the bedroom . Therefore, she could not tell the present weather or time displayed outside the window .

Still, her rough estimation was that it was already really late!

When she turned around, she found the other half of the bed empty .

She had no idea when the man left their bed . She was sure that it was no longer early in the morning!

The woman paled as she held her phone tightly .


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Suddenly, she remembered that she had a show to film that afternoon!

Only now did she recall that the production team was planning to reshoot a scene today!

She did not complete the scene with Hua Jin yesterday . Logically, they would continue filming this segment today .

Now, was it not close to the afternoon?!

Oh, gosh! She had actually slept so soundly that she had lost track of time . Why did the man not wake her up?!

Her role in this afternoon’s shoot was big . She did not know if she could still make it at this point .


Her adoptive father’s voice snapped her back to her senses .

“Yes, dad, I’m listening!” she replied with a smile .

“I should be reaching the train station this afternoon, but I have quite a lot of baggage, and it’s not really convenient . I wanna ask if you are available to head down here and help me with your uncle!”

He paused for a moment before correcting himself . “If you are really busy, then it’s okay! When the time comes, we’ll just take a cab!”

The woman was caught in a fix .

She still had a show to shoot this afternoon, but unable to bear seeing her father rush about, she still asked, “What time do we meet at the station?”

“Around four o’clock! You can come slightly late so that you won’t have to wait in the case that the train’s arrival is delayed!”