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Chapter 1640
Chapter 1640: Chairman Mu’s Power!

She was still panting heavily even though his breathing had already settled . One breath after another—it was as if the air surrounding them was extremely thin as she could barely breathe!

He tried to fill it with all his might, but he still felt that it was not enough . Under him, her body appeared to have melted into liquid .

Mu Yazhe held her and walked into the bathroom . Filling the bathtub with warm water, he slowly placed her in . With that, both submerged themselves into the bathtub .

He loved hugging her just like this, when things were calm and quiet, and he also loved admiring her beauty silently .

Yun Shishi snuggled into his embrace, her face nestling against his chest . Her hair was drenched in sweat, sticking messily on her forehead, yet even if hundreds of years were to pass, her purity and beauty would seemingly remain untarnished .

Her beauty was exceedingly refined, with not a speck of filth .

Her eyes were half-closed, and there was a certain mist in them . Her long, thick lashes drooped, casting a shadow on her face .

These eyelashes of hers were also wet from the sweat, and water droplets clung onto them, which made her beauty even more ethereal .

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He believed in his heart that if she were to be placed in ancient times, she would be a wicked concubine that could topple kingdoms . She would definitely be a beautiful woman who could cause calamity and chaos .

Even for someone like him who had a strong resolution, he could also be hit by such a sudden thought—it was of being willing to die in her hands!

The man helped clean her body while failing to resist kissing her lips obsessively!

The woman, who was enjoying his intimate caresses, hooked her arms around his shoulders as she responded to him . She swiped her lips against his at times in a teasing manner!

He intended to make a mess of her again, but just as he began to do so, the poor woman quickly begged for mercy, looking as if she had been wronged .

“I can’t do it anymore for today…”

“I’ll make you die in here…”

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“Let me off, please? No more… I really can’t anymore…”

Seeing how pitiful she looked, the man decided to do her a favor and dismissed his plan .

When the two were done bathing, he wiped her clean and carried her to the bedroom .

Once they were settled in bed, the woman lay on his arm contentedly and fell into a sweet slumber .

This sleep was peaceful and free of worries . It was a dreamless sleep .

When morning came, a call was heard from the living room .

The woman remained undisturbed in her slumber, whereas the man was instantly roused by the noise . He put on a bathrobe and walked into the living room, only to learn that it was his woman’s phone that was ringing inside her handbag .

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He answered the call, hearing Qin Zhou’s voice on the other end .

“Shishi, where are you? The production team knew of your birthday and prepared to celebrate it with you yesterday, but you disappeared without a trace!”

Hearing the manager’s voice, the man’s eyebrows sank gradually .

“She’s here with me!”

Those few words were filled with bombastic sovereignty!

In his eyes, the agent was indubitably the biggest ‘enemy’ against his and the woman’s love .

Taking away his time with her was the biggest sin of all!

The agent did not get to wait for his charge’s reply, yet when he heard the man’s deep voice, he almost dropped his phone in shock .

After the momentary shock, he smiled . “Chairman Mu, ha ha… So Shishi is with you . Then, I’m assured! Is she now…”

“She’s still asleep!”

The man paused for a moment before responding . “She’s too tired from yesterday, so push back whatever work she has for today!”