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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:25:13 PM
Chapter 1639
Chapter 1639: The whole world has gone mad!

They remained in battle mode until midnight . The man worked her hard relentlessly with his boundless stamina, as if wanting to release all his pent-up yearning this one night!

He kept calling her name during climax, and she did the same thing, too!

She tried her best to accommodate him at first, but she could feel her energy slipping toward the end . The scent of their crazy endeavor could be sensed in every corner of the room . The whole world had turned mad!

The world seemed to be spinning and shaking around her . It was as if the sky would collapse on her any time!

Her rationality had deserted her by then .

The only thought she had was: He’s mad—and so am I!

In fact, it was madness all around her!

Her body did not seem to belong to her anymore!

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The two lay sticky and wet against each other . They looked as if they had just been fished out of a pond!

Outside, their children leaned curiously on the door, secretly trying to figure what was happening inside the room!

Alas, the hotel had a terrific soundproofing system, so much so that these two fellows could not catch anything despite plastering their ears to the door .

“Hai… Forget it!” The younger boy suddenly snorted . “I only agreed to this stupid act because of my belief in you! Snooping on daddy and mommy is just too despicable! Daddy will be upset if he finds out!”

His brother told him wryly, “Wah… It’s you who wanted to snoop—”

“Keep quiet!”

Flushing red from embarrassment, Youyou clasped his brother’s mouth with his hand and quickly added, “I’m going to ignore you if you continue spouting nonsense!”

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“Alright, alright… I won’t talk nonsense anymore! It’s me who wanted to snoop on our parents, and I pulled you along to join me!”

As an older sibling, Little Yichen naturally gave in to the other and did not bother to argue with him .

His brother was finally pacified in this manner . Bestowing a smile on his older twin, he reached out his palm . “Alright! Let’s go back to our room to rest, yeah?”


The older boy took his hand, and the two then walked back to their room, hand in hand!

The night had turned dark outside the window .

The man let out a heavy huff and ascended to heavens with the woman before collapsing on top of each other, soaked in perspiration .

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Toward the end, he grabbed her face and kissed her seductive lips .


Her subsequent moans were all swallowed by him .

With that last-ditch effort, he let go of his tense body thoroughly and lay on top of her, panting fast and deeply!

His low and sexy panting reverberated in her ears .

His warm and moist breath tickled her ear, but she was too spent to push him away .

When the whole thing was over, she practically lay paralyzed in his arms, unable to move an inch!

Naturally, he was the one in charge of clearing the mess after!

Once his breathing settled, he could not help pinching her nose .

“Little sucker!”

He did all the heavy work this entire time, but this stupid woman refused to clean up after the affair .

She lay collapsed in his arms, refusing to move even for a bit .

The woman could not be blamed for this, though!

Any normal woman would be unable to step off the bed after such ferocious lovemaking, let alone clean herself up!