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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:25:15 PM
Chapter 1638
Chapter 1638: Doing anything as he pleases…


The door was not even properly closed yet!

All she got in response was the man’s kisses as he totally disregarded her protest .

The man seemed to be finally releasing all his pent-up passion at this moment . In this past half a month, including their journey from Fairy Tale Valley to the hotel, he had been trying his best to hold it in . All of it was just for this moment!

He lowered his head and held her shoulders as he kissed her deeply . His fierce plunder was worse than what had happened in the car earlier!

No matter how much she squealed, she could not get him to wait .

He covered her lips with his, swallowing all her resistance and protest!

Before, because he wanted to take care of her, he did his best to control himself .

Now that they were in the private confines of this luxury suite, he could do anything as he pleased!

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He needed not worry about the trivialities and treat himself unfairly anymore!

Now, all he must consider was how he should taste her goodness in the following moment!

In his head, he thought of over ten different postures . He felt a burning sensation when his fingertips touched her skin . He began kissing her even more ferociously!

Without her around this past half a month, he had missed her so much .

He was also surprised that he had been able to control himself from heading off to the production team to seek her!

This woman’s body had a special, attractive charm to it .

He could not stop thinking about her after having tasted her body before . No matter what he did, he would always recall how sweet she had tasted .

There was probably no other woman in this world apart from her who had such perfect chemistry with him!

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Kissing her made him recall the times he had taken her . That wild sense of pleasure and those vivid images appeared in his mind!

It was as if, just by touching her, an unbreakable spell had been cast on him .

“Mmph—d-door… The door…”

Yun Shishi did her best to remind him about something he had not forgotten to do!

Mu Yazhe became a little impatient . With his long arm, he closed the door successfully just as she wished .

Seeing this, she sighed in relief . In the next second, she was lifted into the air . He managed to carry her body with just the strength from his one arm .

At this moment, she was facing him with her back against the entrance hall . She was held high in the air by him .

“Look at me…”

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The man reached out with his other hand and caught hold of her lower jaw, forcing her to look at him .

“Look at me!”

She looked up at him, her eyes immediately trained on him .

“Dumb woman, be focused right now!”

There was some unhappiness in his eyes, upset that such a trivial issue had distracted her .

“All the time you have tonight belongs to me . ”

With that, he held her stably and shed her of her clothes . The long, constrained passion he felt was now unleashed in full force . He entered her straight with all his effort .

It was as if he had not given her space to breathe as he held her down and took her for himself!

He was as ferocious as a wild beast . He wanted her so badly as he made splendid love to her!

Despite being mentally prepared for this, she was still stunned by his shocking intrusion!

After an intense session, he let out a grunt and held her tightly, unwilling to let her go!

He carried her into the living room and placed her on the sofa before he continued his way with her to his heart’s content .

The woman held his shoulders with trembling arms . Every cell in her body felt numb and limp .