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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:25:29 PM
Chapter 1630
Chapter 1630: Would you be willing if I were the one taking care of you?

Yun Shishi’s heart stopped for a moment when she saw his despondent expression .

She suddenly realized that… he had been feeling lonely because of her work and her coldness .

She unconsciously felt guilty and ashamed!

Nonetheless, the woman was in a dilemma . On one hand, she loved performing, yet she also hated the hidden rules and social interactions in showbiz; on another hand, she wanted to leave the industry for good and spend her time with him, though she felt that if a woman abandoned her career to stay by a man’s side, she would only be a beautiful vase . There was no sense of security .

She acknowledged that women needed their career and independence . They should not rely on men to live .

‘Be my wife, and I’ll support you!’

Perhaps, in this world, no one would say something like this with much confidence!

She knew that her career was not even worth mentioning in this man’s eyes!

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To her, she worked hard in her performance, pulling all-nighters to memorize her scripts, mixing in this luxurious industry despite it being messy, but the rewards she received from her effort were perhaps not even comparable to the interests he got .

Ironically, the salary she received for her part in ‘Lethal Beauty’ was not even close to the amount he earned in a minute .

However, even though her compensation was low, it was in exchange for her hard work and effort .

Acting allowed her to gain affirmation from the director and love from the audience . That was the biggest contentment she could ever receive .

Her career made her life fulfilling, but if she really did leave her job and returned home to be a confined canary, all she needed to do was dress beautifully like those upper-class women or socialites . She only had to support her husband and raise her children . With her life revolving around her family and no career to mind…

Was this considered happiness?

Such a life seemed rather empty .

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It was not that she had never considered this problem before .


She was just too insecure .

She did not dare risk her life and gamble away her future .

What if he got tired of her one day?

What if the marriage between them were to fail?

She would have neither her career nor her marriage . Would such a life not be too terrible?

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The woman could not bear to imagine it, or perhaps, she just lacked the confidence .

Mu Yazhe looked at her, unaware of the thoughts going through her head .

He could see from her complicated expression that she was likely letting her imagination run wild!

He gently placed his hand on the back of her hand . Just as he was about to speak, the woman grabbed his hand and looked at him with a serious gaze . “Zhe, could you please give me a little more time?”

“Huh? Why would you need time?”

“I just… I don’t want to give up on my career!” she responded seriously .

“Why?” He was deeply puzzled . “The amount you earn from the show isn’t even—”

“But I earn it by myself!” She emphasized this point again . “This isn’t about how much I earn; it is about my self-esteem . ”

The man could not understand what she meant by self-esteem .

“Let me put it this way; if I request you to give up on your career and let me take care of you instead while you care for our family and wait for me at home, will you be willing?” she questioned back .