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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:25:27 PM
Chapter 1631
Chapter 1631: A guarantee!

Hearing this, the man’s expression changed .

What kind of logic did this woman have?!

“That’s different!” he refuted .

“How is that different?”

The woman stared at him pointedly and determinedly reasoned, “In what ways is that different? Is it because you are a man and I am a woman—that you are strong, and I am weak? As the weaker one, I lose the right to have my career and should just take care of our family? Am I expected to be like those rich housewives, waiting at home and expecting your return?! Living day by day dully—is that what I should be doing?”

He was suddenly short for words .

“Are you perhaps trying to imply that because I am a woman, you are confident that I will never be as capable as you are and that the money I earn won’t be enough to take care of you?” she pursued .

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His eyes tensed a little . “It’s not like that!”

Yun Shishi kept quiet for a moment before looking at him pointedly . She sucked in a breath of cold air and asked, “Then, what do you mean?”

“I just…” Mu Yazhe muttered to himself for a moment before spitting out his next words . “I just want you to spend more time with me!”

Hearing this, the woman laughed a little before speaking in a low voice . “All this time, though, I’ve never been anyone’s possession . Isn’t that right?”

“…Mm . ”

“I can’t be alive just for the purpose of spending time with you, can I?” She continued to probe .

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He was unable to refute that .

She let out a sigh before saying coolly, “I know that you’ve never liked my career! Even though you said you won’t interfere in it, I know that you don’t like it . Your every glance, every expression, and every gesture—all these tell me that you hate that I am an actress . You hate that I am neglecting you because of my job . ”

She paused for a moment before nodding, her eyes filled with guilt . “Yes, I know that I’ve neglected you and the twins many times! Especially in this past month, I really had no time for any of you . That’s my fault, and I admit it . I feel guilty about it, too, and I am sorry! After seeing this birthday surprise you guys prepared so carefully for me, I felt even more regretful… I am sorry!”

The man’s gaze softened . “You don’t have to apologize; it’s not your fault . ”

“Still, I don’t want to lose my job; I don’t want to be like some of those upper-class women who are canaries in their special cages!”

She covered his hand with hers as she beseeched, “So please give me some time, alright? I have my plans and decisions laid out for the future! Please don’t interfere like how I will never interfere with your career; is that okay?”

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“What plans do you have?”

The woman smiled . “I want to be a director in the future and hope to start my own filming company where I can invest in scripts, shows, and movies, but I have to be an actress first and foremost . Once I have sufficient capital, I will work hard to start transitioning to working behind the scenes . ”

“If you want, I can fulfill your wish right away!” He held her hand .

Her expression stiffened, followed by her smile simmering . “But the person I am now isn’t very confident that I can operate such a big company . At least, give me some time to train myself!”

The man kept quiet .

She softly implored, “I promise you; I’ll make adjustments in my future schedules to maintain a balance between my work and my personal life, and I’ll also pay more attention to our family! I’m truly sorry for not taking your feelings into consideration during this period! I promise to do my best in avoiding a repeat of such a situation from here on!”