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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:25:30 PM
Chapter 1629
Chapter 1629: Missing Her with His Body and Soul

He embraced her with his eyes full of deep longing .

“Do you know how much I’ve been missing you while you weren’t around in this half a month?”

His one question was enough to send her heart pounding .

His devilish voice rang in her ear as the moist breath from his lips caressed her cheek, tugging at her heartstrings .

His simple one-liner held profound meaning to her .

She clenched her fists nervously; her face was blushing in deep embarrassment .

Of course, I’ve been missing…

I’ve been missing you, too .

However, other than acting, she spent most of her time on set memorizing her script . Once they started shooting, some parts of the plot were revised following the review . There were major changes to the script for her role; thus, she had to spend considerable time revising her lines .

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Alas… this was not what she really wanted to do .

She had tried asking for a leave from the director so she could have some quality time with their kids and this man, but her request was coldly rejected .

Her agent had also advised her not to keep taking leave at the start of production, or else others might think that she was given preferential treatment!

There were just too many people in the production team to ignore . Any actions or words of hers could go wrong and invite gossip .

Realizing that she was not talking, he caught hold of her chin unhappily as he narrowed his eyes . “Don’t tell me that you want me to keep watching our wedding bed in loneliness?”

Keep watching our wedding bed in loneliness?!


She almost doubled over from his rueful expression .

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“Hey… What do you mean by keeping watch of the wedding bed in loneliness?!”

Not knowing whether she should cry or laugh at his words, she retorted, “Stop fooling, okay?!”

“I’m not fooling around with you!”

Mu Yazhe furrowed his eyebrows .

He really did not want her to continue in the entertainment industry .

That kind of industry was too frivolous and materialistic for her—truly a place of debauchery!

What was showbiz, really?

It was no longer a place for artisans . Now, it was more like the backyard of those investors and the high society to splurge on and enjoy fully .

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Nowadays, those who could make a name for themselves in the industry had influential backers in one form or another .

On the surface, it might seem like a tussle between the stars .

In reality, the real fight was between their backers .

She liked acting and he could accept that, but it did not mean that he wanted her to take it as a career .

He had given some thought to this matter before . Since she liked acting, he reckoned that he would support her . As her man, he wanted to give her the greatest freedom and would not interfere in her decision, though he disliked the idea of her stepping into the entertainment industry and taking acting as a career .

However, he no longer felt that this was feasible .

When she took up acting as a career, her time for him was reduced drastically .

He had gone through half a month without her, and life was meaningless without her by his side .

He missed her with all his body and soul to the point of no redemption!

He missed hugging her to sleep . Now, he was forced to open and close his eyes to an empty side of the bed next to his; it felt so lonely .

Because she was around in the past, the house felt warm and cozy .

Presently, the place seemed deserted each time he opened the door to it!

It was just too lonely for him .

He could not help recalling those dark and lonely days when his parents had just passed away . The feeling of abandonment was too great to ignore .