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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:25:33 PM
Chapter 1628
Chapter 1628: Be my wife; I will support you .

It’s just that…


The man sat inside the horse-drawn carriage, looking all stiff .

The woman tilted her head to observe him and did not know whether she should laugh or cry at his stern and tight face .

“You find this shameful, right?” she asked, chuckling .

To have such a regal and haughty man wear a prince suit and sit in a crystal carriage was rather juvenile, indeed!

He did not want to reply to that .

She clasped his hand and asked, “Did you prepare all these in secret to surprise me?”

He stroked her hair indulgently . “Are you happy tonight?”

“Happy! Of course, I’m happy!”

Puzzled, she looked down at the gown she was wearing and asked, “But where did you find this gown?”

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“I had it tailored for you some time ago . ”

He continued, “This was from the Milan Fashion Show, Chanel’s fairy-tale summer collection . ”

He took a liking for the gown the instant he laid eyes on its design and had one specially tailored for her .

She was moved beyond words .

This was a strong trait shared between the man and his younger son at times .

Both appeared aloof and cold with their frosty demeanor but could be so attentive and heartwarming toward those they loved .

This man had truly warmed her heart this time .

“Mu Yazhe…”

Clinging onto his arm, her face blushed as she stammered, “I-I love you…”

His eyes were full of tenderness as he dipped his head and looked at her .

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It was an enchanting, starry night .

She looked outside the window, feeling contented .

The man beside her realized that the night was turning cold; thus, he took off his outer coat to drape it on her shoulders .

Hugging her by the shoulders, he asked, “Have you finished your filming for today?”

Her face turned crestfallen the moment she heard the question . Sighing, she answered ruefully, “Not yet…”

“Not yet?”

“I didn’t perform well today and received a verbal scolding from the director . ”

“You did not perform well?”

Puzzled, he asked, “You weren’t in good form today?”

“Eh . ” She nodded briefly and, with a start, recalled the reason behind her poor performance, which made her suddenly feel so guilty as she looked at the man beside her .

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If he were to learn about Hua Jin and what happened today… how would he look at me?

Would this create another misunderstanding between us? Would he assume that I’m seeing another man behind his back?

The memory of his terrifying behavior when he caught her and Gu Xingze acting intimate for that movie then still sent shivers down her spine even now!

She did not want him to know about the recent incident!

She was fearful that he might get the wrong idea and did not want any misunderstanding between them .

In retrospect, though, she felt guilty over her decision to keep mum .

The man saw her thinking hard with her head and told her out of the blue, “Shishi, quit acting; marry me and be my wife . I’ll take care of you . ”

Her face froze, and she looked at him with incredulous eyes .


“I’m serious . ”

His dark and pensive orbs reflected her astonished look as he stared resolutely at her .


“Shh . Let me finish”

His hands around her shoulders tightened a little . “I don’t like your career . You can have your career, but it shouldn’t create a wedge between us . ”