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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:25:36 PM
Chapter 1627
Chapter 1627: Fulfilling Her Princess Dream

Little Yichen tilted his head quizzically, only to discern the moisture in his twin’s eyes .

His gaze instantly softened at the sight, and he let out a helpless laugh .

“Don’t worry, bro! If daddy dares to bully mommy, I won’t ever let him off and will even let him have a taste of the skills I’ve acquired from the special armed forces’ devilish training!”

He even shook his fists while saying that .

Amused by his antics, Youyou ceased his crying and laughed, instead . He could not help quipping, “Forget it! Do you think daddy is a weakling? You’re no match for him in terms of IQ and combat skills!”

“Hey! You…”

The older boy’s mood soured when he received his brother’s snub .

The latter rubbed his eyes before reassuring, “Don’t let your thoughts run wild, dummy . I’m not worried about mommy being bullied; I’m just a little moved . ”

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This, however, surprised him even more . “Y-You can feel moved?!”

All along, his impression of this brother was a haughty, cold, cynical, and, of course, mature child .

Unexpectedly, though, he got to see his tender side today .

“Alright . That’s enough; let’s go see the parade now!” He then snatched his younger twin’s hand, giving him no chance to refuse .

Youyou nodded; thus, the two lads headed in the direction of the parade floats .

Inside a particular, horse-drawn carriage .

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Yun Shishi watched the parade floats pass by on the pathway . Atop a particular one stood two actors, dressed as king and queen of a fairy tale, who were currently waving to the tourists on either side of the lane .

Mu Yazhe spent millions to book Fairy Tale Valley—all for the sake of giving her a romantic proposal .

Even so, the theme park remained open to the public .

He wanted the world to witness his proposal to her just like how it was in fairy tales!

The reality, however, was…

As he ruefully supported his forehead in the carriage’s seat, the tourists outside excitedly chased after their ride as they took all kinds of photos of them with their cameras!

It was fortunate that they had masks on .

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The vigorous and resolute man suddenly found it somewhat embarrassing and childish!

To be honest, he found this proposal method a tad too childish .

Even at his age, he had never once believed in the love found in fairy tales to exist in real life .

As such, he never watched fantasy movies and would even scoff at those .

To him, feelings were real .

From putting on a prince costume and creating a dreamy, as well as beautiful, atmosphere to proposing to her finally, all these would be very childish to him in the past!

His past self would never believe that his future self could put so much effort into a proposal .

After all, marriage proposals and weddings themselves were nothing more than ceremonies .

However, upon incidentally coming across her diary, he came to know that a little princess resided in this woman’s heart and that she had a lovely penchant for fairy tales .

She did not mention it to him even once, though .

The diary was written in her elementary school years, so she probably felt that he would tease her about it if she revealed it .

Still, it was every girl’s dream to become a princess .

A princess in her lover’s eyes, at least!

To be loved and doted on for her entire life!

This was why he had wanted to fulfill her princess dream and give her a memorable yet romantic marriage proposal .

Finally, he had done it!