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Published at 17th of July 2020 10:40:10 PM
Chapter 1613

D*mn him! If not for him, I would be in top form!

 She was crushed, so much so that she was still feeling frustrated when she reached her hotel room .

 She was a perfectionist and always strove to produce the outputs the director expected from her . Furthermore, she had worked so hard to prepare for the shoot . Her efforts were in vain because of one man!

 Vexed, she changed and sat on the bed .

 The doorbell rang suddenly .

 Furrowing her brows, she rose and walked to it . Through the peephole, she could see a man in an elegant suit standing outside respectfully .

 Behind him were two equally refined ladies holding something in their hands . She could not tell what they were holding through the peephole .

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 She asked warily, “Who is it?”

 The stranger answered, “Miss Yun, please open the door . I was sent here by Director Mu to bring you to a designated location . ”

 She hesitated briefly but concluded that he looked harmless so she opened the door in the end .

 As soon as she opened it, he gave her a gallant bow . “Good afternoon, your highness! May we go in?”

 Flabbergasted by his strange actions, she only nodded dumbly . “Sure…”

 The man smiled and signaled to the two ladies behind him . Prim and proper, the two stepped in as the man remained at the entrance .

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 After closing the door, she looked at them in bewilderment, asking suspiciously, “Were you guys… sent by Mu Yazhe as well?”

 “Yes, princess . ”

 She was really confounded by their actions . Smiling abashedly, she became out of sorts . “Why do you address me as such?”

 “Your highness, please change into this . ” One of them brought her a gown with an impeccable smile .

 She frowned quizzically, unsure of what the man had in mind when he arranged for her to put on a gown .

 Is he thinking of bringing me to a dinner banquet?

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 Still, he could’ve given me a heads-up at least, so I wouldn’t feel so lost .

 As she spectated, her eyes shone with pleasant surprise as the gown was unpacked in its full glory .

 What a beautiful gown!

 The champagne-colored dress, with its long hemline and square neckline, seemed to show off fully her beautiful shoulders and jade-like collarbones .

 Rose embellishment dotted the front of the dress, meandering from the chest down to the hemline . The delicate floral design was absolutely gorgeous .

 The petals looked life-like and could almost be mistaken for real flowers unless closely examined .

 “Your highness, please change into this gown!”

 She hesitated for a moment before nodding in acquiescence . After she changed into it, she exited her bedroom and walked up to the full-length mirror to look . The female reflected in it was akin to a beautiful and ethereal fairy .

 The two ladies walked up and led her to the dressing table . They then styled her . One arranged her hair, while the other applied her makeup . After an hour, she practically transformed into a graceful and noble princess from a fairy tale .


 She stared at her reflection in the mirror .

 She really looked like a princess from a fairy tale, but such a magical, crystalline style did not seem suitable for a dinner banquet!

 She was still dazed when she was sent to get in an extended Bentley .