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Published at 17th of July 2020 10:40:06 PM
Chapter 1614: 1614

She had no clue where the car was taking her just based on the unfamiliar scenery flashing past outside the window .

 The car eventually reached its destination amid her confusion . By then, the sky was already slightly darker, and the beautiful night sky was starting to hang above her .

 When she alighted from the car with her hands gripping her dress hemlines, she was astonished by the view before her .

 She was at the entrance to an amusement park, Fairy Tale Valley!

 Having been here with her youngest son on his birthday, she had a deep impression of this place .

 The theme park closed its doors to the public for a period following the shooting incident, and after a major revamp, it finally got back into trial operation .

 It was just that this amusement park before her was now vastly different from the one she remembered!

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 As the sky gradually darkened, a silver moon and countless glittering stars appeared in it .

 Under the moonlight, the theme park’s iconic castle stood majestically and dazzlingly among the faraway canyons just like how a medieval European castle would in its retro splendor . It looked magnificent under the constantly changing colored lights .

 The entire amusement park was just as classical and romantic as its name suggested .

 Parked at its doorway was a crystal horse-drawn carriage . An attendant, standing beside the white horse, respectfully welcomed her .

 “Please board the carriage, my beautiful princess!”

 Baffled by his outstretched hand, Yun Shishi’s mind went blank for several seconds before she slowly extended hers and let him take her on board the carriage .

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 What’s… going on?

 Her mind was in a state of disarray as she sat in the carriage .

 The abruptness of this event left her in a daze . She still did not know what was going on .

 The carriage coursed through a garden path paved with pink rose petals . Despite her astonishment in all these, she was, nonetheless, stunned breathless at the dreamy sight laid before her . She could not help leaning against the window and lazily enjoying the fragrance in the air .

 How beautiful and dreamy it is!

 It truly is dream-like!

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 The evening breeze sent some petals on the ground flying to her face .

 She brushed her fingers against her face, proceeding to pick a petal and lightly rubbing it between her fingers . Its aroma could be smelled with the lightest sniff .

 Plenty of tourists roamed about along the way .

 She heard a succession of wide-eyed exclamations when the people noticed the carriage, and they enviously looked at the woman sitting inside . Several fanatical women even chased after her ride for a while at the pleasant sight .

 “Wow! It’s a real crystal horse-drawn carriage! I’ve only seen it in fairytale movies! How beautiful it is! I want to ride in it, too!”

 “The woman inside is just as beautiful as a princess!”

 “She’s like a flower fairy! How mesmerizing she looks with all those petals on her…”

 “Eh? She looks a little familiar . I think I’ve seen her before…”

 Alarmed, she immediately shrank her head back into the carriage the moment she heard that last comment .

 A giant Ferris wheel gradually came into view as her ride gently coursed through the romantic arches in the garden .

 With the starry sky as a backdrop, the Ferris wheel rotated slowly to the music playing outside .

 Upon reaching their destination, the attendant helped her down the carriage, and right then, several beautiful beams of light were cast on her from above, basking her in a blinding glow, such that her surroundings appeared pitched-black in comparison .

 Momentarily blinded by the bright lights, she took a hesitant step forward .