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Published at 17th of July 2020 10:40:12 PM
Chapter 1612

The director wanted to protect her, so he warned him not to create any more trouble .

 Glancing at her and then at the director, the actor could only sip his lips and reply, “Understood, sir!”

 “Get ready; it’ll be your turn with her soon!” reminded the director .

 The man nodded with great reluctance, but in that instant when Gu Xiaoyang turned his head away, he forcefully lunged forward to plant a kiss on her cheek!

 She was caught off guard and could only stand on the spot with her eyes wide from disbelief . “…”

 By the time she came around, the idol was already back to his assistant’s side to pick up the script for practice .

 His action infuriated her immensely!

 How dare he…

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 How dare he kiss me secretly?!

 That guy is so despicable!

 The producer happened to catch sight of it as well . With his lips twitching slightly, he did not say anything more except to tell the actress to get ready for her role before he busied himself with other preparations!

 It appears that Hua Jin isn’t so simple!

 Even the director who’s known for his temper flare-ups dares not lose his patience with him .

 His supporter must be someone powerful, but can he do what he wants on set just because he has a powerful backer?!

 She shuddered in anger when her assistant at one side looked at her with envy . Clenching her hands into little fists, she uttered enviously, “Shishi, you got a good deal! The idol actually kissed you voluntarily; I’m so envious!”

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 “…” The actress could only glare, too angry for words . Her assistant hastened to explain herself when she saw how angry she looked . “Don’t be mad . I’m just joking; don’t take it for real!”

 “Mu Xi! This joke isn’t funny at all!” She had none of her usual patience . For the first time, she expressed her anger in front of her assistant .

 The latter knew she was working hard to control her anger and quickly apologized, “Sorry! I… I shouldn’t make such a joke . Sorry, this won’t happen again!”

 She looked at the idol with mixed emotions on her face before taking out a hankie from her pocket sleeve to rub vigorously on the spot where he had kissed her .

 Shooting officially started soon after .

 The actress tried her best to get into form .

 However, when it came to her turn with the man, she could not stop being upset the moment she recalled how he had made fun of her earlier .

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 Several retakes had to be made .

 The look, emotion, and tone of voice were totally wrong .

 The role she was depicting was supposedly infatuated with his character, yet the camera lens would always capture a trace of irritation in her eyes .

 The director finally lost his temper and lambasted her in front of everyone .

 Lin Zhi finished her styling and arrived at the set to catch her opponent’s embarrassment in full sight; she gloated inwardly, Serves her right!

 She started laughing gleefully at Yun Shishi without inhibition!

 The latter felt utterly condemned .

 Losing his patience, Gu Xiaoyang called an end to the shoot . Waving her to the side, he said, “Why waste my time if you can’t get into your role?! Everyone’s time is precious; what’s the point of studying the script when all you can show is this pathetic attempt?! Who are you trying to fool here?!”

 He sent her off after saying that .

 The actress realized that she could no longer maintain her form and requested to leave .

 That d*mn scoundrel of an actor!

 His inappropriate behavior had destroyed her form .