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Published at 16th of July 2020 02:35:12 PM
Chapter 1608

The man suddenly moved in the direction of Yun Shishi .

 Slightly taken aback, she looked behind, thinking that he was approaching someone located at her back, only to discover that no one was there!

 By the time she faced her front again, he was already standing right before her .

 Though he was not as tall as Mu Yazhe, he was still lanky and domineering at 1 . 8 meters’ height . The idol towered over her as he leaned forward, and she could see his flawless and delicate skin without trouble .

 What was more amazing was his pair of penetrating orbs, which seemed to have a life of their own as they sought to bewitch whoever was looking at him .

 When Mu Xi saw him approaching, she was too taken in to do anything .

 As for the actress, she pursed her lips and took a step back involuntarily the moment she regained her composure .

 As she retreated a step, the man took a step forward .

 Knitting her brows in displeasure, she backed two more steps .

 The man only smiled and took two steps forward . His strides were wider than hers; hence, his two steps were enough to bring him so close to her . His face was almost plastered to hers as a result .

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 She could even feel his warm breath panning her forehead .

 Her heart thumped fast .

 This guy…

 What does he want exactly?

 He was easing closer to her quietly, just like what he had done backstage during the press conference .

 She could not figure out what he was thinking!

 His perfect lips arched into a smile as he bowed his head and asked, “Are you feeling shy?”

 A warm and pleasant vocal could be heard the moment he opened his mouth .

 His voice had none of a man’s roughness, nor was it deep and mellow like Mu Yazhe’s; instead, it held a crisp magnetism of a clear spring .

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 She blurted out, “What do you want?”

 “Yun Shishi . ”

 He called out her name and smiled alluringly at her as he tilted his head sideways .

 “This is the first time we’re sharing a scene together . ”

 “Eh . ”

 “So…” He prolonged intonation as he blinked at her . “Don’t you think we should cultivate our sense of familiarity with each other?”

 Her assistant’s eyes gave a sharp twitch upon hearing that .

 Is Hua Jin trying to seduce Shishi?!

 Is he… interested in her?!

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 However, she was too deeply entrapped in his spell to think deeply about it .

 She laughed dryly . “Cultivate familiarity? I don’t know what you are talking about, but… can you stand back a little?”

 “Stand back?”

 That did not seem to put him off . “Am I standing close to you?”

 “A man and woman should keep a respectable distance… It’s best that we keep a space between us . ”

 He found her reply amusing . “We aren’t standing close, though!”

 The idol leaned over slightly, pasted his mouth next to her ear, and panted, “Little fool, only negative distance1 between a man and a woman is considered close!”

 Negative distance…

 She looked lost and did not conjure any negative thoughts at what he had just said .

 Now, the man found her response totally refreshing!

 How can this industry still have such a simple woman?!

 Silly and adorable .

 Watching his teasing smile, she finally caught on to his joke . Pushing him away abruptly, she told him off . “Scoundrel! Do you find it amusing to make fun of me this way?”

 With that, she glared at him and walked away .

 He covered his grinning lips like a lazy kitten who had just gotten a fresh, tasty bite of a morsel .

 Undeterred, he chased after her . A bunch of hair dropped next to his ear, highlighting his fair, porcelain skin .

 “Little fool, how old are you?”