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Published at 16th of July 2020 02:35:14 PM
Chapter 1607

“I’m giving you one last warning: Don’t pull funny schemes again around here! If you anger me once more, I’ll cut you back into the role of a passer-by, regardless of whether you are the lead or not! Hah! I’m giving you a forewarning about this! We’ve just begun shooting . Even if I do kick you out of the production team, it won’t affect us much! By then, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

 After all, the female lead role in his heart had never been her!

 If this actress were to cause more trouble, he would not mind kicking her off the team and having Yun Shishi take the lead, which was exactly what he wanted .

 The newbie was the ideal Qin Changle in his heart .

 Not just her excellent looks, even her acting skills superseded Lin Zhi’s by a length .

 Alas, the latter was a step ahead in snagging the role .

 Gu Xiaoyang was still angry over this .

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 The sugar daddy backing the woman had invested tons of money into the show, so he had to hold in his anger .

 “Get that makeup off right now and reapply it!” he spat, leaving thereafter .

 Under the mocking and intrigued eyes of the crowd, she gritted her teeth awkwardly before stalking back to the dressing room sullenly to have her makeup redone .

 The man walked over to the newbie, who was reading the script seriously . Upon seeing how focused she was, the producer nodded approvingly before he headed off to discuss the wirework scene with the stunt director .

 Mu Xi witnessed this just as she was delivering water to her artist . She delightedly rushed to her side and said in glee, “Shishi, the director was staring at you earlier!”


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 “He was standing beside you and looking at you for a long time . I think he was impressed with your professionalism at work by going through the script . He had a gratified smile on his face when he left!”

 The artist smiled back but said eventually, “I am just a little nervous; I heard that while I am being suspended mid-air by wire, there’s a possibility of me falling if my actions are a bit careless!”

 “Oh, please! Did you think the setup for that scene is just props? Don’t worry; you’ll be extremely safe!” comforted the assistant .

 Hua Jin rushed on set after his makeup was completed . The woman raised her head, only to see his appearance by coincidence . She was stunned .

 Her first reaction was that the idol’s ‘primetime king’ title was not an undeserved reputation!

 He wore a creamy white shirt with elegance, his hair falling over his shoulder . With the cosmetics on his face, his beautiful and exquisite features were enhanced to a shocking degree!

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 His good looks eminently surpassed the female lead’s alluring beauty .

 Every frown and smile of his could capture any person’s heart .

 This was the first time she was acting together with him . Therefore, this was the first time she had seen him in his costume ever since she had entered the production team .

 She had seen his bare face before . He had amazing skin and his features were three-dimensional . He had the looks and lovely characteristics that only beautiful men from ancient times would have . His almond-shaped eyes were filled with charm when he glanced back .

 She went into an unconscious trance for a moment before turning to her assistant in shock . “Oh, my! Hua Jin’s costume look honestly stunned me!”

 At the side, the other woman had just come back to her senses as well . “Shishi, Shishi! Oh, my—the idol’s costume look is so breathtaking! He could win many primetime rookie post-edited shots with just his real self! He’s truly beautiful beyond horizons!”

 She could not contain her volume, causing some people to look over at them after hearing the assistant’s exclamation .

 It seemed that the idol had heard her excited chatter as well, for he looked over in their direction with a meaningful gaze .

 Yun Shishi felt embarrassed .

 “Mu Xi, could your voice be any louder?!”

 The assistant, who had just realized that she had gotten ahead of herself, stuck out her tongue in awkwardness .