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Published at 16th of July 2020 02:35:10 PM
Chapter 1609

His voice was crisp and clear like running water from a spring, full of youthful magnetism . He refused to let her go and would stick close to her side regardless of how much she tried to shake him off .

 Her assistant was shaken back to reality and quickly walked up to them .

 There were many supporting characters, extras, present on set .

 Many of whom were his fans .

 When ‘Lethal Beauty’ advertised for extras, many applied on his account, even to the extent of doing it for free . They wanted to catch a glimpse of him in his costume .

 Hence, when the actress appeared with him, many threw looks of curiosity in their direction .

 Being a sensitive person by nature, she became even more irritated with him as dozens of eyes focused on them conspicuously .

 She admired him in his costume at first .

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 From afar, he was elegant and otherworldly, but in truth, he was such a despicable man beneath all that dress .

 He seems to enjoy ambiguity?

 Furrowing her brows, she hastened her steps to return to her seat . As she sat down, the man pulled a stool over and sat right across from her .

 “How old are you?”

 She flipped open the script and ignored him .

 Her indifference did not deter him . On the contrary, he was more intrigued with her .

 “Shishi, talk to me!”

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 She looked up and threw him a glare . Distancing her gaze from him, she retorted, “You are in no position to address me by my first name . I request that you stay away from me . ”

 His eyes lit up when he heard that . Smiling, he replied, “You’re finally talking to me! Still, why did you ask me to stay away from you?”

 He propped his chin lazily in his palms, looking alluringly at her . “I’m not gonna do that, especially to the person I like!”

 “We haven’t started our shoot yet . ” She tried her best to control her temper, flip aside, and ignore him . “Go away and don’t bother me . ”

 “You are so cold to me!” He leaned forward slightly . “Looking at your child-like demeanor, I guess you haven’t hit twenty yet?”

 Her assistant passed her a throw from one side and smilingly chipped in . “My artist is already twenty-four!”

 Aghast, she looked up abruptly and glared at her helper for betraying her . “Mu Xi, you…”

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 The other realized her mistake and bit her lower lip in remorse .

 The man only stared in wide-eyed disbelief .

 “Twenty-four… You’re older than I am by a year, then . Can I address you as ‘older sister’?”

 Before she could refuse, he called out sweetly, “Sis!”

 This man!

 Taking a deep breath, she was about to explode in anger .

 Since she set foot into the production set, she had kept her agent’s words in mind to stay away from this guy, but for reasons unknown, he liked staring at her penetratingly as if under a spell . At this point, he had taken his senseless teasing a step further .

 The man refused to leave her alone no matter how hard she tried to shoo him away!

 Doesn’t he know how to read people’s body language?

 Can’t he see how much I detest him?

 The rest of the supporting cast swarmed around them upon seeing him .

 They were moved by his good looks, and many wanted to find a chance to talk to him . Alas, he was aloof and disinterested, giving them no opportunities at all .

 Now, however, they saw him taking the initiative with Yun Shishi, only to see her ignoring him .

 Strangely, he was not offended at all .