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Published at 13th of July 2020 10:45:06 PM
Chapter 1602: 1602

Her denial, however, soon gave way to a fearful understanding of the immensity upon catching sight of her husband’s anxious face!

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 According to him, Mu Yazhe got hold of some evidence of his dirty deeds, which posed great threat to the Lins and Wangs should they not hurry and take actions to plea for mercy!

 She had some knowledge of his misdeeds over the past few years and knew very well that, if the evidence landed in someone else’s hands, their lives were as good as handed over to that person, too!

 This was why she was past caring about her dignity now . Under her husband’s watchful eyes, she began to kowtow to the boy desperately .

 “Youyou, I was wrong! I was really in the wrong… I shouldn’t have called you a little b*st*rd or insulted you and your mother based on those rumors… I truly know that I’m wrong now; will you please forgive me?”

 She kowtowed even harder than before .

 The collision of her forehead to the ground was real .

 The tremendous force used resulted in her receiving a bloody scrape on her forehead . It was a deliberate act of hers, though—a show for him to see!

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 What was a mere scrape?!

 A bloody scrape was nothing if this family could let them off!

 The boy let out a lazy yawn . “Alright, alright! I got it; I’ll forgive you guys!”

 Hearing this, the man’s face lit up . “Really?!”

 Feeling beyond surprised, Wang Guimiao looked up with wide eyes as a smile appeared on her tears-soaked face . Her disheveled appearance, along with her messy hair, gave people a feeling of repulsiveness .

 The boy refused to lay his eyes on her .

 “Why should I be bothered by such uncultured people? You lot can just vanish from my sight now!”

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 The couple exchanged looks of surprise . They did not expect to be so easily forgiven!

 This child is so easily fooled!

 Just a bit of acting on our part, and the boy is moved .

 Rubbing his hands in glee, he sniggered and hesitantly asked, “Then, the evidence of my dirty deeds…”

 “What evidence?” The little lad cocked a brow, feeling baffled and curious .

 “Well, your father… Can you plead for mercy on behalf of us and ask him to let us off this one time? Don’t… turn in the evidence to the disciplinary committee…”

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 He could not make head or tail of his words . “I don’t know what you’re talking about! It’s cold outside; I’m heading in!”


 Like a desperate person drowning in water, the man cried out, “Haven’t you forgiven me?”

 “Yup, I did . ”

 “Then… can you please get your father to let me off?”

 “That… may be impossible . ”


 The boy’s lips arched into an evil smirk . “My daddy hates you a lot . ”

 Lin Anguo’s face stiffened at his words .

 Same for his wife beside him; all the joy she had instantly turned into sorrow . The smile on her face froze, too, and desperation settled in her like crashing waves .

 Youyou then slowly added, “I’m sorry, uncle, but no one can influence daddy’s decision . ”

 He then gave them a graceful smile and returned home .

 With the slamming of the door, all their desperate pleas were completely cut off from his hearing .

 There was a downpour later that night .

 Not daring to leave, the persistent couple kneeled at the doorway for the entire night .

 The boy did not pay any attention to them, and naturally, so did his father .