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Published at 13th of July 2020 10:45:12 PM
Chapter 1601

The thought of his decades-long career going down sent him into despair .

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 Through his many phone calls, he realized that the connections he had accumulated over the years were useless now .

 At times like this, one must carefully choose which side to stand, or else, they would surely be implicated .

 Hence, no one was willing to help him, lest they get themselves into trouble .

 After much consideration, he decided to pay the family a visit with his wife to apologize to them . By doing so, perhaps, he would assuage their anger!

 It, therefore, led to this scene of Youyou emotionlessly standing at the door as he gazed at the couple’s pleading faces .

 “How pitiful,” he coolly commented, apathy on his face .

 The man was surprised to see his calm state .

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 Generally, kids of his age would be frightened into calling their parents out at such a sight .

 The boy, however, only coolly stood there with his arms crossed .

 Regrets filled Wang Guimiao to the brim as she awkwardly looked at the lad .

 She found it baffling and strange!

 She had known the boy since his nursery days, but she had only heard rumors of him having a mother and never a father!

 According to the other parents, the child came from a single-parent household, and it might not even be the case!

 As his mother remained unwed to date, no one could be sure of his parentage!

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 It was said that he was an illegitimate child; his mother had given birth to him at the tender age of eighteen . When this piece of info leaked out, many people, especially her, started despising and looking down on Yun Shishi .

 Although a family without a man would indeed easily invite gossip, the single mother would suffer even more so from outsiders’ malicious speculations and slanderous remarks!

 Now, however, this boy’s father somehow appeared out of thin air!

 Not only was the man wealthy and of noble lineage, he was also a core figure in the Mu family!

 Even up today, she found it simply unbelievable!

 Alas, she could only blame it on her bad luck and herself for pushing the limits .

 Stepping forward, her husband repeatedly pleaded . “Boy, will you please call your father out? I’d like to ask him for a favor!”

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 “What is it? Can’t you say it to me?” calmly asked the kid .

 The judge knew very well that the child was making things difficult for him, but despite his feelings of humiliation, he gritted his teeth and kneeled on the ground with a plop!

 It was a chilly night and the ground was cold, but he fell to his knees barring any hesitation .

 Not in the least surprised by his actions, Youyou gave the magistrate a meaningful look before he darkly chuckled . “Uncle, what are you doing this for?”

 “I… I’m here to apologize to you and your father!”

 As Lin Anguo spoke, he gave his wife a hard tug on her arm .

 The suddenness of his action caught her off guard and sent her falling to her knees .

 A sharp pain shot through her knees upon collision to the hard ground .

 However, she could no longer care about anything else at this moment .

 She was already disgraced, anyway, and nothing would bring back her lost face .

 On the way here, her husband had told her about the gravity of their current situation . Worries seized her in spite of her poor grasp of it!