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Published at 14th of July 2020 02:30:06 AM
Chapter 1603: 1603

When the boy woke up at the break of dawn the next day and drew the curtains, he saw that the two were still kneeling at the doorway . The woman was in such a groggy state she lay her head on her husband’s shoulder, seemingly on the verge of collapsing .

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 Both subsequently fainted to the ground as a result of being drenched by the overnight rain .

 Shortly after, an ambulance arrived and took them away .

 Lu Jinyu worked fast . Once he was done gathering the evidence of Lin Anguo’s dirty deeds, he submitted it to the disciplinary committee .

 The documents were soon approved for investigation .

 The latter was then taken away for investigation and subsequently got charged with corruption, bribery, misappropriation of public funds, shady dealings, and embezzlement . As the sum involved amounted to billions, there was quite an uproar regarding the case .

 The Wangs were also implicated and lost their family fortune .

 Of course, that came much later .

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 It was Friday then . Youyou, who needed not attend school yet due to the incomplete admission procedures, got his trusty subordinate to drive him to the supermarket where he bought the baking ingredients he needed . He intended to bake a birthday cake for his mother later at home .

 He baked a cake for her birthday last year, too .

 Still a newbie at that time, the cake did not turn well .

 Even so, his mother loved it .

 He decided, for her birthday this time, that he would bake a super delicious cake and have it delivered to her at the filming set!

 The moment the boy reached home, he headed right to the kitchen and committed himself into separating the egg whites from their yolks and then whipping them into fluffy foams with the help of an egg-beater…

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 He was very familiar with the baking procedures now .

 Oftentimes, he would bake cupcakes to serve as snacks .

 He created a heart-shaped cake with the help of a baking mold and, thereafter, put it in the oven to bake . The child then began thinking about the design of the cake .

 After much deliberation, he resolved to make a family portrait on top of the cake .

 Mu Yazhe heard the commotion in the kitchen when he returned home later that day . Creeping in, he found his youngest son earnestly at work with his head bowed . He was so focused that he did not detect his father closing in on him .

 Cute figurines, which were half completed, stood on the fondant cake .

 The boy was very focused on his work . His handsome yet tender side-profile seemed so gentle and mesmerizing under the warm orange light . From the side, one could see his long, dense lashes drooping slightly; his gentle gaze and his slightly slanted lips appeared to be smiling .

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 The man’s gaze then turned to his hands .

 It turned out that he was currently making a cartoon figurine of his mother .

 The way the boy held the sugar figurine in his hands revealed his gentle and doting treatment toward her .

 The cartoon figurines of himself and his older brother were already completed and placed on the cake .

 Once he was done with Yun Shishi’s figurine, he proceeded to work on his father’s .

 The man wondered how his figurine would look under the hands of this little guy .

 His son first made a chubby-looking face and a round body . He then picked up a pen and started coating the sugar figurine with color .

 As if it was a prank, he deliberately drew a fierce-looking face for his daddy .

 Feeling indignant, the man frowningly questioned, “Why did you draw me so fierce-looking…”


 Startled by the voice coming from behind him, the lad’s hand shook and ended up drawing a crooked line on the figurine’s face .

 The tiny figure’s mouth became crooked as a result .

 Mu Yazhe: “…”

 Youyou: “…”