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Published at 11th of July 2020 10:25:06 PM
Chapter 1596: 1596

Lu Jinyu laughed gloomily . “The people in that office under the government naturally won’t be simple folks, but you should know that almost all of them aren’t clean and without tricks to begin with! Naturally, it’s a guarantee that I’ll be able to uncover a bunch of interesting things for you!”

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 “That so-called bigshot I’m after is likely one full of tricks, too . If it were before, I’d naturally be unwilling to deal with the sort, but he made me a little unhappy today!”

 Mu Yazhe’s voice suddenly dipped, making a certain hint to his subordinate .

 The latter received his hint and gave an affirmative reply at once . “Boss, don’t worry; I’ll get you what you need tomorrow at the latest! By then, you can handle it however you like . ”

 “Alright! I’ll entrust you with it . ”

 After his subordinate’s promise, the man ended the call and walked over to his son .

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 The little lad was still flipping through the case files . He read them ten lines at a time, drawing and annotating the data sheets once in a while .

 The man smiled satisfactorily before gently caressing his son’s head . He then walked to the side and picked up an apple, peeling it as he sat on the couch .

 After skinning the fruit, he cut it into bite pieces, then poked the slices with toothpicks, and brought them to the lad’s side .

 Suddenly, his phone rang .

 He picked up his phone and looked at the screen but saw that it was an anonymous number . When the call connected, the prudent voice of a man came from the other end .

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 “Hello… May I know if I am speaking to Disheng’s chairman?”

 Mu Yazhe smiled . Although the other party had not identified himself, he knew almost right away who he was .

 “As the head of the Government Affairs Hall, you sure have a lot of tricks up your sleeve . Don’t you feel that making use of your privilege to get my number is a little inappropriate?”

 Jiang Hongwei was stunned for a moment . The man was truly not simple . He had yet to introduce himself, but the man could guess who he was at once!

 At the same time, his heart was shaken . In his anxiety to get in touch with the man, he did make use of his privileges to have the internal department get the man’s number!

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 Still, with years of experience under his belt, he was practically a sly fox . By avoiding the important and dwelling on the trivial, he swiftly changed the subject .

 “He he! Sir, it’s like this; earlier, I received news that… your subordinate has been trying to retrieve information about Lin Anguo! I’ll take this chance to ask exactly what the situation is . Did he… offend you in some way?”

 This fifty-plus-something man was definitely no ordinary person to sit in the head position of the Affairs hall . Even with the slightest movement, he would panic . He had an abnormally sharp vigilance to say the least!

 The moment Mu Yazhe gave his instructions earlier and Lu Jinyu started his initial probing, the news already reached the wily fox’s ears!

 People like him were extremely sensitive about such matters, so he hurriedly made a call over to question the man indirectly!

 The latter could not be bothered with him, though, and merely questioned back lazily, “What do you think?”

 With his words full of hidden meaning, the old man was even more worried!

 “Sir, can you please explain how an employee here has offended you?”

 “Offended? I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to ask about my affairs,” mocked the other .

 He was rendered speechless .