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Chapter 1597: 1597

Mu Yazhe continued leisurely, “The people on your end are powerful . Mr . Jiang, if you keep letting them do as they please, you’ll get into trouble one day when we uncover dirt on any of them!”

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 This warning agitated the Affairs head .

 For a wily fox like him, he could naturally sense the danger lurking beneath the surface!

 It appears that Lin Anguo has offended someone he shouldn’t have!

 This was within his expectations, though .

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 That subordinate was nothing to him; the purpose of this call was solely to test the waters .

 Still, after working with the guy in the same office for many years, there were intricacies between them . What Jiang Hongwei was really concerned about was that employee getting the Government Affairs Hall into trouble!

 It was not easy for him to climb his way to his current position . He had to endure over two decades of unscrupulous legal battles to earn his prestige today .

 He would not let himself be done in by others .

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 For cases like theirs when everyone’s interest was intricately linked to one another, he would cut off all ties if needed to save his hide!

 “I guess that employee here has given you a big headache! I made this call only to check what you intend to do with him; I have no other intentions! By the way… I hope the rest of us won’t be implicated just because of one sinner!”

 After saying that, he started to laugh nervously .

 The young man on the other end started laughing as well but stopped abruptly . His tone sank lower as he declared authoritatively, “Implicating the rest? He he, for this, it’ll depend on how you manage your people! Your man is unreliable in his affairs and has been abusing his authority! Keeping him by your side will only harm you, anyway . As for what I’ll do to him, there’s no need for you to know! If you are a smart person, you should know what to do next!”

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 The Affairs head kept mum for some time before replying politely, fully comprehending the situation at hand now . “No worries, sir! I fully understand what you mean and will follow your instruction on what to do next!”

 With that, the older man hung up the call after expressing his gratitude .

 Before long, the young chap received a call from his subordinate about receiving an anonymous email containing evidence of Lin Anguo’s corruption!

 How could that judge be free of dirt?

 Putting aside the briberies he had received, he was also found to have embezzled funds of dubious origins from his legal and commercial liaisons . Through his close network, he used billions of embezzled funds in real estate; this crime alone would be sufficient to send him to prison for the rest of his life!

 It did not take long for them to guess who had sent the email .

 Jiang Hongwei was not stupid . A conniving fox like him knew what he must do to protect himself when his man went down .

 Lin Anguo was actually a capable man . As a pawn, the Affairs head had benefited a great deal from him, but as a pawn remained a pawn, he had to ditch him when he no longer had value .

 For self-preservation, he destroyed all traces of connecting interest between him and his man . On top of that, he voluntarily sent some evidence of his subordinate’s corruption to Mu Yazhe to win the man over .